Sterile Alcohol Contact Time

CoverMAX™ Enables operators to more easily comply with cleaning SOPs. Sterile Alcohol is widely used as a cleaning agent but with current wipers it is difficult for operators to apply a uniform volume so that the surface to be cleaned is properly wetted. CoverMAX™ allows operators to improve cleaning performance when using sterile alcohol.

CoverMAX™ is a unique wiper designed to aid decontamination procedures in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing facilities. CoverMAX™ is a triple layered wiper with a top and bottom shell of clean room grade polyester fabric heat sealed around highly absorbent, super fine, pore foam. This unique construction enables operators to apply large, uniform volumes of sterile alcohol and disinfectants to surfaces that must be decontaminated. The foam core evenly dispenses fluids through the outer polyester shell under normal wiping pressure to enhance fluid coverage and contact time. CoverMAX™ combines the fluid holding and wipe ability of a sponge with the cleanliness of polyester fabrics making it the ideal decontamination wiper. CoverMAX™ is compatible with steam, EtO and Gamma sterilization processes.