STS Plasma Etching

STS RIE Etch tools Cleaned With Foamtec High Precision PM Kits Can Be Returned to Like New Condition in Much Less Time


STS Plasma etch users face challenging equipment maintenance issues as the process induced residue is very hard to completely clean using Scotch-Brite™ abrasive hand pads. As a result most STS Plasma etch PM's are characterized by prolonged scrubbing routines and recovery times. In addition extensive seasoning is required to control particle .

contamination. Foamtec's Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products makes these PM related issues a thing of the past. Versalok and VERSALINE chambers. The kit contains UltraSOLV® Diamond ScrubPADS, Sponges and Wipers that enable the following benefits:.

Key Features

• Quick, thorough wiping of the ceramic spool even when it has been etched
• Polish and cleaning of the ceramic spool in less than 15 minutes
• Scrubbing and cleaning of the electrode assembly in less than 15 minutes
• Complete chamber PM in less than an hour
• Achieve pump down to bases vacuum in 30-40% less time than with standard PM cleaning

Scotch-Brite™ is a trademark of 3M Corporation