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Maintaining sputter target cleanliness and purity during installation into PVD tools

by | Mar 27, 2023

Contamination in the sub-10nm wafer fabs is a primary concern for the semiconductor industry. One of the significant sources of contamination is the ghost glove prints on the sputter targets during installation in the *AMAT Endura® PVD tools. Ghost glove prints are the residue left behind on the surface of sputter targets due to contact with gloves during installation. The contamination of sputter targets can lead to lower yields, higher defect rates, and increased manufacturing costs. The presence of impurities on the sputter targets can also affect the quality and uniformity of the deposited films, leading to issues such as particle defects and film non-uniformity.

To address these issues, Foamtec offers two innovative products – MiraWIPE and MiraGLOVE – that help maintain the purity of sputter targets during installation. MiraWIPE is a cleanroom wipe made of a high-purity synthetic non-woven material that is compatible with a wide range of chemicals. The wipe is specially designed to remove contaminants from the sputter targets’ surface without leaving any particles or fibers behind. MiraWIPE has a unique diamond pattern that provides excellent cleaning efficiency and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

MiraGLOVE is a cleanroom glove made of a proprietary polyurethane material that provides superior chemical resistance and excellent particle control. The glove is designed to eliminate the risk of ghost glove prints on the surface of the sputter targets. MiraGLOVE is highly durable and provides exceptional tactile sensitivity, making it ideal for high-precision manufacturing environments.

Together, MiraWIPE and MiraGLOVE provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining the purity of sputter targets during installation. These products help prevent contamination, reduce defects, and improve manufacturing yields. By using MiraWIPE and MiraGLOVE, semiconductor manufacturers can ensure that their processes remain reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. In conclusion, contamination in the sub-10nm wafer fabs is a significant concern for semiconductor manufacturers, and ghost glove prints on sputter targets are a source of contamination. Foamtec’s MiraWIPE and MiraGLOVE offer an innovative solution for maintaining the purity of sputter targets during installation, helping manufacturers ensure the reliability and quality of their processes. Semiconductor manufacturers can achieve higher yields, reduce defects, and improve their bottom line with these products.

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