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Maximizing Uptime and Efficiency in Sub-7nm Wafer Fabs with next-generation microfiber cleanroom wiper 

by | Jun 2, 2023

MiraWIPE 256 Introduction

The semiconductor industry is at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of technology. As wafer fabs strive to meet the ever-increasing demands for precision and cleanliness, superior cleanroom solutions have become essential. One such solution revolutionizing cleanliness and efficiency is the MiraWIPE 256 from Foamtec International. This next-generation microfiber cleanroom wipe is specifically designed to help sub-7nm wafer fabs maximize equipment uptime through improved first-pass qualification rates. 

In this blog post, we will explore the key features of the MiraWIPE 256 and why it has become indispensable for semiconductor companies worldwide. Unsurpassed Particle Pickup The MiraWIPE 256 utilizes cutting-edge microfiber technology, providing unparalleled particle pickup capabilities. In semiconductor manufacturing, even the tiniest particles can cause significant damage to the delicate processes.

The MiraWIPE 256’s ultra-fine fibers offer a larger surface area than standard wipes, making it highly efficient at picking up particles and reducing the risk of contamination. This exceptional particle pickup capability ensures the wafer contact surfaces remain particles-free.

Enhance cleanliness levels

 Besides its particle pickup efficiency, the MiraWIPE 256 contributes to overall cleanliness in the cleanroom. The wipe’s construction is designed to be durable and production-proven to have the lowest level of in-use particle generation. This is especially crucial in the semiconductor industry, where stringent cleanliness requirements are paramount to ensure the reliability and functionality of the fabricated chips. The MiraWIPE 256’s ability to enhance cleanliness levels aids in maintaining the integrity of the cleanroom environment. MiraWIPE and MiraWIPE 256 have been widely adopted by the most advanced foundry, logic, and memory fabs because of their unsurpassed track record of eliminating costly scratch defect incidents.

Superior Absorption

Handling Chemical spills or solvents are common in cleanrooms, and efficient clean-up is essential to avoid any adverse effects on the manufacturing processes. The MiraWIPE 256 excels in this area with its high absorbency. The microfiber technology allows for superior liquid Absorption, making it a reliable and safe tool for managing spills in the cleanroom. 

 Improved Productivity

 Contamination control is critical for maintaining high-quality standards and directly impacts productivity. The MiraWIPE 256’s ability to reduce contamination risks significantly enhances cleanroom efficiency. By minimizing the possibility of product defects caused by contaminants, the wipe reduces the need for reworks or scrapped products, saving valuable time and resources. The result is a streamlined, efficient production process that maximizes uptime and productivity. 


The MiraWIPE 256 from Foamtec International is a game-changer for the semiconductor industry, particularly in sub-7nm wafer fabs. Its advanced microfiber technology, exceptional particle pickup capabilities, enhanced cleanliness levels, superior Absorption, and overall cleanroom efficiency make it an indispensable tool for companies committed to producing high-quality semiconductors. With the ongoing evolution and growth of the semiconductor industry, cleanroom solutions like the MiraWIPE 256 will continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring process cleanliness, safety, and efficiency. Sub-7 nm wafer fabs can optimize equipment uptime, achieve improved first-pass qualification rates, and elevate their manufacturing capabilities by incorporating this next-generation wipe into their operations.

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