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Methods to Improve TEL SCCM Oxide Etch Chamber PM – Foamtec has developed a new BKM to reduce green-to-green times, tech-time, and post PM particle counts

by | Feb 14, 2022

The Tokyo Electron SCCM chamber is production-proven worldwide for sub 90nm via etch processes. Equipment engineers value the tool’s consistent performance, but preventive maintenance can be time-consuming. When the chamber is opened for PM (Preventative Maintenance), it typically has process byproduct on the ESC (see image below).

The process byproduct is challenging to remove and can flake off at inopportune times, leading to failed particle checks and recleans. Without the right products and tools, maintenance technicians can spend hours removing it, causing increased green-to-green times. The tool most often used to remove the process byproducts is Scotch-Brite™ (but using it comes with a significant downside). Scotch-Brite™ sheds large amounts of metallic-rich particles during use that must be removed during the PM. Additionally, technicians may choose to employ a TEL plastic scraper to remove the process byproduct on the ESC but it is not very effective at thoroughly removing the polymer byproduct.

Scotch-Brite™ vs. ScrubPAD Video Demonstration [Click Here]

Foamtec International’s ScrubWRIGHT®, ScrubPAD®, and MiraWIPE® tools can significantly speed up the PM process. Foamtec tools are production-proven to much more efficiently and effectively remove process byproducts. Additionally, ScrubWRIGHT® and ScrubPAD® shed fewer particles and have lower levels of metallic ions than the traditional chamber cleaning tools.

Having the right tools for the job will vastly improve green-to-green time, first pass quals, reduce chamber particle counts, increase wafer outs, and reduce scratch defects. Additionally, Foamtec also offers on-site Application Engineering support to design and implement improved PM procedures based on your Fab’s needs.

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