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Minimizing Particle Issues in High-Density PCB & Flex Production: Why Wiper Choice Matters

by | May 6, 2024

The Challenge: Maintaining Cleanliness in a Miniaturized World

High-density PCBs and flex circuits push the boundaries of miniaturization, demanding meticulous cleanliness throughout the production process. Every step, from etching to assembly, requires effective cleaning to guarantee optimal yield and reliability. However, a seemingly insignificant element – the wipe you use – can be a significant source of contamination.

The Shedding Problem:

Despite appearing clean visually, traditional cleanroom wipes can shed significant amounts of particles and fibers during use. Studies conducted in ISO 7 cleanrooms using Foamtec’s PolyCK particle identification process reveal that shedding from wipes generates a high volume of particles, particularly fibers exceeding 10 microns. These large fibers pose a significant threat to high-density circuits:

  • Bridging Defects: Fibers can bridge conductive traces, causing electrical shorts and circuit malfunctions.
  • Scratches & Defects: Abrasive fibers can scratch delicate surfaces, compromising signal integrity and potentially leading to premature device failure.
  • Contamination Traps: Fibers can trap other contaminants, creating hidden defects that may go unnoticed.

Particles collected with PolyCHECK from a lamination tool


Particles collected with PolyCHECK from an exposure tool

The Impact on Your Bottom Line:

These issues directly translate to yield loss and reliability problems, impacting profitability. Traditional wipes seem cost-effective, but their shedding can lead to costly rework and production delays.

The Foamtec Solution: ISO 7 MiraWIPE

At Foamtec, we understand the critical role cleanroom wipes play in your success. That’s why we developed the ISO 7 MiraWIPE specifically for your needs. This innovative wipe offers:

  • Minimal Shedding: Engineered to minimize particle and fiber shedding, reducing the risk of bridging defects, scratches, and trapped contaminants.
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: Protects your delicate components from scratches and other physical damage, just like our wipes used in stricter ISO 1-5 cleanrooms.
  • Cost-Effective for ISO 7 Environments: Optimized construction delivers exceptional performance at a price point tailored for ISO 7 applications.

The Advantage: Cleanliness & Profitability

By choosing the ISO 7 MiraWIPE, you gain a reliable wiping solution that minimizes particle issues, safeguarding your high-density components and ensuring their long-term success. This translates to:

  • Improved Yield: Reduced risk of defects leads to higher yields and less rework.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Cleaner components contribute to more reliable devices.
  • Cost Savings: Minimized rework and improved yield impact your bottom line positively.

Don’t Compromise on Cleanliness:

Every detail is critical in the world of high-density PCBs and flex circuits. Maximize your success by choosing the right wiping solution. Foamtec’s ISO 7 MiraWIPE offers superior performance and cost-effectiveness to achieve optimal cleanliness and profitability.

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