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Mitigating Leaks in Single-Use Bioproduction Systems( SUS): The Importance of Shipping and Foamtec Cleanroom Solutions

by | Mar 15, 2023


SUS have revolutionized the biopharmaceutical industry, offering numerous advantages such as reduced cross-contamination risks, shorter setup times, and increased flexibility. However, these systems have challenges. One of the main concerns in single use bioproduction is leaks, which can lead to significant costs and risks. In this blog, we will discuss the causes of leaks in single-use bioproduction systems, focusing on the delicate nature of these systems and the role of shipping. We will also explore how Foamtec cleanroom, gamma-compatible foams can help mitigate handling and shipping damage, reducing the likelihood of leaks.

Causes of Leaks in Single-Use Bioproduction Systems

  1. Material defects: SUS are often polymeric materials with inherent weaknesses, such as pinholes, inclusions, or weak points, increasing the risk of leaks.
  2. Manufacturing errors: Errors during manufacturing can result in leaks, such as improper sealing or welding of components or introducing contaminants.
  3. Shipping and handling: The delicate nature of SUS means they are more susceptible to damage during transportation and handling, leading to potential leaks.

The Role of Shipping in Leak Risks

Shipping is a critical factor contributing to the risk of leaks in SUS. During transportation, these systems can be subjected to various stresses, such as vibration, impact, or pressure changes. These stresses can cause weak points in the materials, resulting in leaks or system failure.

Moreover, improper handling during shipping can lead to damage, such as punctures or tears in the system components. Such damage can compromise the integrity of the bioproduction system, leading to potential product contamination or loss.

Foamtec Cleanroom Solutions: Mitigating Handling and Shipping Damage

Foamtec cleanroom, gamma-compatible foams offer an effective solution to mitigate handling and shipping damage to single-use bioproduction systems. These foams are designed specifically for the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry, offering several benefits:

  1. Custom-fit protection: Foamtec foams can be custom-engineered to fit single-use bioproduction system components’ unique shapes and sizes, ensuring comprehensive protection during shipping and handling.
  2. Gamma compatibility: These foams can withstand gamma sterilization, ensuring they maintain their protective properties even after sterilization.
  3. Cleanroom compatibility: Foamtec foams are designed for cleanroom environments, minimizing the risk of introducing contaminants into the bioproduction system.
  4. Vibration and impact absorption: The high-performance foam material effectively absorbs vibrations and impacts during transportation, reducing the likelihood of damage and leaks.


Leaks in SUS can result in high costs and risks for the biopharmaceutical industry. With shipping playing a significant role in causing damage to these delicate systems, it is essential to employ effective protective measures, such as Foamtec cleanroom, gamma compatible foams. By investing in these solutions, biopharmaceutical companies can significantly reduce the likelihood of leaks and ensure the integrity of their single-use bioproduction systems.

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