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Mopping Wafer Fabs with UltraPure Water Reduces VOC’s Associated w/ IPA

by | Sep 22, 2017

Mopping of floors in large cleanrooms presents significant Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) risks to wafer fabs, LCD fabs and microelectronics manufacturing sites. At the same time, cleanroom floors require frequent cleaning in order to meet ever tighter particle control budgets.

Typical Perforated Raised Cleanroom Floors

Due to the high surface tension of water and to guard against slip hazards, microelectronics facilities and especially wafer fabs consume copious quantities of IPA in mopping SOPs. While IPA aids cleaning and the quick drying of floors, the large volumes required present significant EHS challenges in the way of VOC emissions and fire hazards. In fact, it is typical that clean room mopping is the major source of VOC emissions in LCD and 300mm wafer fabs.

Results from Facility’s Current Cleanroom Mop w/ IPA used to clean perforated raised floors

In many cleaning applications, microfiber fabrics are production proven to allow water to replace solvents and detergents. To improve cleaning and reduce mopping-generated VOC’s, Foamtec has introduced a microfiber mop that is pre-saturated with Ultra-Pure Water and designed to leave floors dry.

Results from PharmaSAT Mop Presaturated w/ UPW used to clean the same surface

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PharmaSAT,™ presaturated with 100% UPW or 10% IPA, incorporates Foamtec’s industry leading MiraWIPE® Microfiber sealed edge wiper with Sahara foam strips to enable operators to dislodge, entrap and remove contamination including stubbornly adhered slurry, resist and implant residue. The proprietary weave and sealed edge provide unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and tearing to reduce in-use particle and fiber generation.