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Optimizing On the Bench Mold Cleaning with Foamtec’s Sahara+ wiping System

by | Feb 12, 2024


Ensuring the highest production quality in industries like medical devices and pharmaceuticals begins with the cleanliness and maintenance of molds. Molds can accumulate stubborn rust and residue deposits over time, compromising performance and product quality. This article introduces Foamtec’s Sahara+ Sponge Wiper, the ideal pre-cleaning solution for tackling heavy rust and residue deposits before the injection mold is placed in an ultrasonic tank for final cleaning.

The Pre-Cleaning Challenge:

Before molds are immersed in an ultrasonic tank for thorough cleaning, addressing these deposits is essential. These deposits can affect mold performance and the quality of the final product. Foamtec’s Sahara+ Sponge Wiper is designed to meet this challenge head-on.

Sahara+ Sponge Wiper’s Unique Features:

  1. Heavy Rust and Residue Removal: The Sahara+ Sponge Wiper boasts super-strong polyurethane sponge material, which effectively loosens and dislodges rust, resin plate-outs, and other contaminants. It means that even the most stubborn build-up can be efficiently dealt with.
  2. Conformity to Mold Contours: The Sahara+ sponge’s flexibility allows it to reach recessed areas, vents, and intricate mold features. It conforms to the mold’s contours, ensuring thorough pre-cleaning, which is often difficult with other methods.
  3. Scratch-Free Performance: Unlike abrasive methods that risk damaging the mold surface, Sahara+ provides scratch-free scrubbing. This preserves the mold’s precision and longevity, which is crucial for consistent quality in production.

The Pre-Cleaning Process:

  1. Inspect and Identify Deposits: Start by examining the mold for heavy rust, residue, or other impurities that need removal.
  2. Apply Solvent: Apply a suitable solvent to the Sahara+ sponge. The sponge effectively holds and delivers the solvent, ensuring maximum cleaning power.
  3. Scrub Deposits: Gently scrub the affected areas using the Sahara+ sponge. Its solvent delivery capabilities break down contaminants, making them easier to remove.
  4. Wipe Away Residues: After pre-cleaning, use Foamtec’s MiraWIPE microfiber wiper to remove loosened residues. MiraWIPE ensures thorough removal without generating particles that could reintroduce contamination.

Advantages of Sahara+ Pre-Cleaning:

  • Time Efficiency: Pre-cleaning with Sahara+ reduces the workload during ultrasonic tank cleaning, making the overall cleaning process more efficient.
  • Improved Ultrasonic Cleaning: By removing heavy deposits beforehand, the ultrasonic tank can focus on finer cleaning tasks, ensuring a more thorough and effective final cleaning.
  • Quality Assurance: Clean tooling is critical for high gloss parts and medical and pharmaceutical industries. They lead to defect-free parts, enhancing the overall quality and safety of products.

Final Ultrasonic Cleaning:

After Sahara+ pre-cleaning, follow these steps for final ultrasonic cleaning:

  1. Place the mold in the ultrasonic tank.
  2. The ultrasonic waves agitate the cleaning solution, dislodging any remaining particles.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and dry the mold.


Foamtec’s Sahara+ Sponge Wiper bridges the gap between pre-cleaning and ultrasonic tank cleaning. Its effectiveness in removing heavy rust and residue deposits ensures pristine molds, meeting the highest industry standards. Remember, a clean mold is the foundation for flawless production! 🌟

For more information, visit Foamtec’s website and explore their innovative solutions. Invest in Sahara+ for cleaner molds and superior production quality.

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