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PolyCHECK® Swabs: Precise Cleaning Validation for Contamination-Sensitive Environments

by | Aug 31, 2023

In the realm of pharmaceuticals and semiconductor manufacturing, precision is paramount. Ensuring product contact surfaces’ cleanliness is critical to contamination-sensitive wafers and pharmaceutical processes. Introducing the PolyCHECK® Swabs – a pioneering solution to revolutionize cleaning validation procedures and enhance equipment cleanliness verification.

Validating the Unseen with PolyCHECK® Swabs and Wipers

PolyCHECK® Swabs presents a breakthrough tool that empowers engineers and technicians to validate the cleanliness of surfaces crucial to contamination-sensitive wafer processing and pharmaceutical production. These swabs feature a unique design with white fabric on one side and black fabric on the other, enabling cleanroom professionals to detect particles with exceptional accuracy. When used in tandem with SEM Analysis, these swabs offer an unmatched particle detection mechanism.

Augmenting Cleaning Validation with Enhanced Precision

The advantage of PolyCHECK® Swabs extends beyond traditional cleaning validation methods. They efficiently collect white residue from equipment surfaces within GMP facilities. This innovative approach complements the use of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) swabs, particularly in the validation of equipment like tablet presses, mixers, blenders, three-roll mills, and coaters used in the production of topical creams and Oral Solid Dose (OSD) pharmaceutical medicines.

Unveiling the Power of Black Fabric

PolyCHECK® Swabs are ingeniously designed with highly charged black fabric. This exceptional feature grants cleaning validation engineers unparalleled visibility into difficult-to-observe white residues on stainless steel equipment. This enhanced clarity significantly improves cleaning verification and validation processes, ensuring no contamination traces are left unchecked.

A New Dimension with UV Inspection

The PolyCHECK® wiper and swabs can be seamlessly combined with a UV inspection lamp to take cleaning verification a step further. This strategic pairing enables the effortless identification of organic particles that fluoresce under UV light on the black fabric. This revolutionary approach is a game-changer in cleanliness validation, elevating standards and accuracy.

Unleash the Potential of PolyCHECK® Swabs:

  • Advancing Analysis: Eliminate the need for contacting SEM stubs and tapes on critical chamber surfaces, streamlining analysis and validation processes.
  • Quick Detection: PolyCHECK® Swabs expedite particle source analysis during tool excursion events, leading to faster and more informed decisions.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for Go/No-Go validation checks in vacuum maintenance procedures and an excellent cleanroom wiper for various industries, including Semiconductor, Medical Device, FPD, and Hard Disk Drive manufacturing.
  • Enhanced Chamber Hygiene: PolyCHECK® Swabs enable frequent inspections to monitor particles that might backscatter into process chambers.

Explore PolyCHECK® Swabs:

  • HT1501FZW: 6″ Flexible Medium Cylinder Tip

Experience Next-Level Cleanliness Validation:

PolyCHECK® Swabs redefine the precision and effectiveness of cleaning validation procedures. Embrace accuracy, enhance cleanliness, and elevate your standards with a breakthrough solution that sets new benchmarks.

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