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Prevent Ghost Glove Prints and Increase Efficiency in Wafer Fabs with Foamtec’s MiraGLOVE

by | Mar 20, 2023


High-purity quartz diffusion tubes are essential in semiconductor manufacturing, specifically in the wafer fab environment. However, an often overlooked aspect of this process is the risk of ghost glove prints on the inside surfaces of these tubes, which can have detrimental effects on both the quality of the final product and the efficiency of the production process. In this blog post, we will discuss the process risks associated with ghost glove prints and how Foamtec’s MiraGLOVE can mitigate these risks, leading to improved outcomes and reduced unscheduled preventive maintenance (PM).

Ghost Glove Prints and Their Impact on the Wafer Fab Process

Ghost glove prints are latent fingerprints left by technicians handling the high-purity quartz diffusion tubes. These prints, often invisible to the naked eye, can cause contamination and ultimately lead to process deposition peeling off the inside surface of the tube. This has several negative consequences, including:

  1. Decreased product quality: The peeling process deposition can cause defects in the final semiconductor product, compromising its performance and reliability.
  2. Increased downtime and unscheduled PMs: The need for frequent maintenance to address the peeling process deposition directly impacts the overall efficiency and throughput of the wafer fab facility.
  3. Higher costs: Unscheduled PMs and tool downtime increase production costs and potentially delay product delivery.

Foamtec’s MiraGLOVE: A Solution for Ghost Glove Prints

Foamtec’s MiraGLOVE is a revolutionary product designed to tackle the issue of ghost glove prints in the wafer fab environment. Made from the same high-purity microfiber fabrics as the MiraWIPE, the MiraGLOVE is designed to be easily donned over polymer cleanroom gloves while handling diffusion tubes. The benefits of using the MiraGLOVE include:

  1. Prevention of ghost glove prints: The high-purity microfiber fabric used in the MiraGLOVE effectively prevents the formation of ghost glove prints on the inside surfaces of quartz diffusion tubes.
  2. Improved product quality: By eliminating the risk of ghost glove prints and the associated process deposition peeling, the MiraGLOVE ensures a higher quality end product with fewer defects.
  3. Reduced unscheduled PMs and downtime: The MiraGLOVE minimizes the need for frequent maintenance and downtime, resulting in increased overall efficiency and throughput in the wafer fab process.
  4. Cost savings: By reducing the frequency of unscheduled PMs and equipment downtime, the MiraGLOVE can help manufacturers save on production costs and ensure timely product delivery.


The prevention of ghost glove prints is critical to the success of semiconductor manufacturing. Foamtec’s MiraGLOVE provides:

• A simple yet effective solution to this issue.

• Ensuring high-quality products.

• Reduced downtime.

• Lower costs for wafer fabs.

By incorporating the MiraGLOVE into your cleanroom handling procedures, your facility can experience significant improvements in efficiency and product quality, ultimately contributing to the success of your manufacturing operations.

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