Cleanroom Cleaning Products & Supplies

Contamination Control Products and Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies for Critical and Regulated Environments

Cleanroom Swabs

Cleanroom swabs for precision cleaning applications.

Cleanroom Wipes

Our Cleanroom Wipes are designed for contamination control in regulated and controlled environments.


Presaturated Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes

Our Presaturated Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes offer a point-of-use cleaning solution for critical cleaning tasks. Available with different cleaning solution configurations.

Cleanroom Mops

Foamtec manufactures cleanroom mop systems and mop refills that are validated for use with commonly used disinfectants such as chlorine, peracetic acid, quats, Vesphene® and LpH®. Foamtec's mop heads are designed to clean floors, walls, ceilings, equipment and other critical/regulated areas in ISO 3-9 cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Accessories

Foamtec International has been creating quality cleanroom cleaning products for years. Our accessories are manufactured with the same quality and standards you come to expect.

Face Masks

Foamtec's Face Masks are designed with comfort, protection and costs in mind.

Cleanroom Sponges

Foamtec is committed to supplying the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom sponges. To fulfill that commitment, we develop technology and innovation to manufacture the highest quality, most state-of-the-art, industry-leading products that keep your cleanroom clean.

Vacuum Chamber Cleaning

Our Chamber Cleaning products enable equipment engineers in the semiconductor industry to quickly and thoroughly clean process by-product from a wide range of vacuum chambers.


Stainless Steel Rust Prevention

We believe in proactive solutions, our tools allows cleanroom facilities to prevent rust on stainless steel equipment and tooling.


Cleanroom Foam Fabrication

Custom foam fabrication for medical grade & cleanroom applications.


PolyCHECK® Foreign Material Identification Service

The PolyCHECK® FM service enables contamination control engineers and quality managers to identify specific processes and material sources of foreign particle contamination.