FoamCOVER & BeardCOVER / Fiber-Free Cleanroom Foam Masks

FoamCOVER & BeardCOVER Information

Foamtec International 4400 Series, Fiber-Free Cleanroom Foam Face Masks provide continuous particle/moisture control and cool, flexible comfort without the speech constraints. Our FoamCOVER and BeardCOVER provide minimal fogging of glasses or protective goggles and reduces moisture build-up on the face typical of paper and dense cloth masks. Unlike traditional 3-ply non-woven masks, the soft, stretchable polyurethane foam does not stress the user behind the ears making it perfect for use as an undermask. They protect the wearer from contact and provide a fresh, clean barrier to the laundered mask in the hood. Foamtec Foam Masks are completely free of fibers and are non-shedding for use in cleanrooms where ultra tight particle control is required.

Ideal for applications where fibers from non-woven masks may not be tolerated.

Laundered and packaged in an ISO 5 / Class 100 Cleanroom.


• Particle/moisture control restricts vapor transfer from breath to work surface.
• Cool comfort even during strenuous production and maintenance procedures.
• Easy to communicate and breathable making it ideal as an under mask for built-in fabric face veils and shields.
• No restriction of breath or speech clarity; reduces lifting or pulling down masks.
• Minimizes fogging of safety glasses/goggles.
• 100% fiber-free.

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