ConFORM™ Cover / Foam Face Mask for General Purpose Personal Protection

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  • Foam Face Cover for General Purpose Personal Protection

ConFORM™ Cover Information

ConFORM™ Covers are foam face masks, constructed with a super fine pore, high-density polyurethane foam designed to offer limited protection against liquid droplet transmission. The ConFORM™ Cover is engineered to facilitate speaking and is comfortable to wear for extended durations. Unlike traditional 3-ply non-woven masks, the soft, stretchable polyurethane foam does not stress the user behind the ears. The form-fitting design allows the user to eliminate manual adjustments during use and offer minimal fogging of eyeglasses.

ConFORM™ Cover can be machine washed and dried, under delicate settings.


• For general purpose protection.
• Ideal for long term use by patients in clinics to minimize liquid droplet transmission.
• Snug fit and low tear strength, provides operator safety around assembly lines, conveyors and machinery.


• Non-FDA regulated general purpose personal protective equipment.
• Personal protective equipment for general purpose and/or industrial use.
• Not intended for use to prevent disease or illness.
• Not intended for use in cleanrooms.

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