MiraGLOVE / Microfiber Cleanroom Gloves to Handle Process Chamber Components in Wafer Fabs Running Sub 10nm Nodes

MiraGLOVE Information

MiraGLOVE is designed and constructed to reduce contamination risks while handling and installing components in wafer processing equipment. Sub 10nm process nodes are subject to contamination risks from glove prints that transfer to clean components in the cleaning and chamber reassembly processes. MiraGLOVE leverages the cleanliness and robust durability of Foamtec International’s MiraWIPE fabric to eliminate ghost prints that lead to particle nucleation, peeling defects and localized hot spots which impede chamber matching, process performance, and mean time between wet cleans. All these factors are critical to fab economics and can drive unnecessary losses to overall equipment efficiency. The MiraGLOVE offers a contamination free microfiber contact surface, which eliminates transfer of common oils, powders, and debris present on standard cleanroom gloves.

MiraGLOVE is fabricated and processed in an ISO 5 cleanroom and is designed to easily be donned over standard cleanroom gloves


The MiraGLOVE has been proven effective at eliminating contamination across multiple critical part materials including Quartz, Silicon, Ceramic, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Teflon, and Graphite. Examples of successfully evaluated applications include:

Diffusion. Quartz Furnace Tubes, Quartz Boats, Quartz Baffles, Quartz Pedestals, RTP Lamp Bulbs.
RTP. Lamp Bulbs & Reflectors.
EPI. Quartz components and Lamp bulbs.
Etch. Silicon Electrodes, Silicon Focus Rings, Silicon Edge Rings, Quartz Shadow Rings, Chamber Liners, Gas Distribution Showerheads / Baffles / Injectors, Ceramic Insulator Rings, Quartz Plasma Source Tubes.
Photo. Teflon Spin Coater Bowls / Cups, Reticles.
Implant. Graphite Beamline Components.
General Applications. Robot Arms, End Effectors, Purge Gas Diffusers, Chemical Delivery Filters, Slit Doors, Heating Platens.

All these parts are critical to process performance, as well as particle performance throughout the equipment lifecycle. MiraGLOVE has been production proven in multiple sub 10nm device fabrication facilities.

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