CoverMAX® / Ergonomic Cleanroom Curtain Cleaning Tool

"With CoverMAX® cleaning is much more thorough, while cleaning time is cut in half."

- Housekeeping Supervisor at a Large Pharaceutical Manufacturing Facility

CoverMAX® Curtain Cleaning Information

The CoverMAX® curtain cleaning tool enables efficient and ergonomic cleaning of strip curtains in cleanrooms and data centers. The CoverMAX® mop heads can be locked in place with one hand to efficiently clean both sides of the curtain in a single pass. The CoverMAX® Handle and Mop Heads weigh less than .5KG and can be manipulated with one hand making the cleaning procedure ergonomic and quick. Positioning the CoverMAX® mop heads over the strip curtain and subsequent cleaning can be accomplished with one hand to maximize efficiency. See Video.

CoverMAX® Curtain Cleaning Handle Advantages

• Stainless steel frame is lightweight and ergonomic, enabling one-handed, smooth cleaning motion.
• The frame has a clamp locking mechanism which alleviates operator fatigue.
• The CoverMAX® frame and mop heads are autoclave safe for aseptic environments.
• CoverMAX® mop heads with MiraWIPE® dislodges, entraps and removes sporicidal, disinfectant residues and particulates.
• The clamping mechanism and the MiraWIPE® over foam ensure consistent contact and fluid wetting of the curtain strips to ensure robust cleaning.
• Validated to be compatible with IPA, ethanol, bleach, peracetic acid, glutaraldehyde, phenolic, and Quat based disinfectants.

CoverMAX® Curtain Cleaning Handles

CoverMAX® Curtain Cleaning Mop Heads