PharmaMOP® / The Ultra-lightweight Cleanroom Mop

  • The ultra-lightweight mop
  • The true cleanroom mop solution

PharmaMOP® Information

PharmaMOP® is designed for cleanroom cleaning SOP’s. The light weight, 360 degree rotating and locking mop head give operators excellent control cleaning floors, walls and ceilings. The ultra-light handle , wringer less bucket system and drip resistant mop heads allow operators to efficiently carry out SOP’s with improved ergonomics. PharmaMOP® can be used with figure eight, front to back or top to bottom motions and the rotating mop frame enable cleaning of tight spaces. The PharmaMOP® handle and SingleSTEP™ mop heads have been designed to allow for greatly improved cleaning efficiency of soils and residues from difficult to clean textured floors while at the same time allowing ease of mopping. The entire PharmaMOP® system is compatible with steam sterilization and all of the major disinfectants.

PharmaMOP® mop heads are constructed with a foam core sandwiched between two layers of cleanroom fabric. The fabric is ultrasonically welded around the perimeter to guard against fiber contamination. PharmaMOP® mop heads are produced on a fully automated production line in an FDA licensed ISO class 8 clean room and are designed to meet cleaning and disinfection SOP’s in cGMP facilities. Compatible with bleach, peracitic acid, phenolics, Quat and IPA based disinfectants and sanitizers. PharmaMOP® mop heads are availiable gamma iradiated with a Sterility Assurance Level(SAL) 10-6 for use in aseptic processing areas. All mopheads are individually packed and double bagged to ensure compliance with cleanroom procedures.

PharmaMOP® Handle Advantages

• 360° Swivel. A two direction 360° swivel and mop head with a 1.5" low profile design enables unsurpassed access to tight spaces reducing uncleanable dead spots.
• All Surface Design. An all surface, large area design, compatible with pull and figure eight motions, simplify SOPs and reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple mop types.
• Improved Ergonomics. An ultra-lightweight telescoping handle and extensions reduce operator fatigue and cleaning time for high spaces.
• No Wringer Required. Designed to work without complex wringers that are prone to rust.

PharmaMOP® Mop Head Advantages

• Drip Resistant. Wringerless Design. PharmaMOP® mop heads are designed so operators can adjust saturation levels without a mechanical wringer.
• Ease of Use. PharmaMOP® mop heads enable operators to meet disinfectant contact times without suffering dripping and weight penalties so typical with clean room mops.
• Available Gamma Irradiated. Certified 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level(SAL) in a ISO 9001:2000 & 13485:2003 certified facility for use in aseptic processing areas.
• Robust Cleaning and Disinfection. PharmaMOP® mop heads are available with a unique hybrid microfiber fabric which enable robust removal of soils while simultaneously meeting disinfectant contact time specifications required by cGMP cleaning and disinfection SOP’s.

PharmaMOP® Handles & Accessories

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