PharmaMOP® GO Mini / Ergonomic, Aseptic Equipment Cleaning Tool

  • The isolator cleaning mop

PharmaMOP® GO Mini Information

PharmaMOP® GO mini mops are engineered to enable operators to clean and disinfect aseptic equipment such as Biosafety cabinets, Laminar flow hoods, Isolators and RABS. The ergonomic lightweight handle combined with low profile head that easily swivels allows operators to more easily clean hard to reach spaces. The ribbed microfiber mop head is designed to provide unsurpassed cleaning efficiency.

PharmaMOP® GO Mini Advantages

  • The ribbed microfiber mop head maximize particle and residue from aseptic surfaces.
  • The fabric over foam construction provides even, smooth conformance and application of cleaning fluids to surfaces.
  • Tie ergonomic, lightweight design allows one handed cleaning.
  • The low profile, swivel heads enable access to tight, hard to reach surfaces.
  • Mop heads are easily changes out to comply with SOP protocols.
  • PharmaMOP® GO Mini Handle & Frames

    PharmaMOP® GO Mini Mop Heads