PharmaMOP® GO w/ DrySAT™ Technology / Hands-free, Fiber-free Cleanroom Mopping with Point-of-Use Saturation Pouch

PharmaMOP GO with DrySAT

Features a burstable pouch filled with a cleaning solution that allows mop heads to be evenly saturated to maximize cleaning efficacy.

PharmaMOP® GO Information

PharmaMOP GO with DrySAT technology is designed to allow cleanroom mops to be wetted at point-of-use. Point-of-use wetting eliminates open buckets of cleaning fluid in the cleanroom. The PharmaMOP GO mop head's construction eliminates over wetting of floors to allow slip-free, damp mopping of cleanrooms. PharmaMOP GO with DrySAT employs an inner pouch that keeps the cleaning solvent separate from the mop until use. The mop head features pockets that allow the mop frame to slide in, allowing for a hands-free mop system. Available with different solvents to meet various mopping SOP's.

PharmaMOP® GO w/ DrySAT Technology Applications

  • CMP Slurry Removal - FS879SH-EHS wetted with 100% UPW dislodges dried, hardened CMP slurry from equipment surfaces and floors to eliminate micro scratch incidents.
  • Damp Mopping of Raised Perforated Cleanroom Floors - All DrySAT Mop Heads are designed to clean raised floors without dripping fluid into the sub-fab.
  • Cleaning Process By-Product - FS879SH73 is ideal for cleaning exterior equipment skins and floors before PM’s to avoid vacuum chamber cross-contamination.
  • Reclaiming Precious Metals - FS879SH73 is perfect for capturing precious metals generated by machining, blending, evaporation, sputtering and wire bonding processes.
  • Minimize Slip Hazards - All DrySAT Mop Heads evenly apply the minimum amount of fluid to the floor for excellent damp mopping results and quick drying.

  • The ultra-lightweight mop

    PharmaMOP® GO Handle & Frame Advantages

    • Quick Assembly & Disassembly. Head frame easily slides into the mop head’s pockets for fast insertion and disposal of mopheads.
    • Ergonomic Foot-Switch. Discard mop heads while standing upright. No more touching soiled mops while discarding — No more stooping.
    • Low Profile Design. A two-direction 360° swivel with a 1.5" low profile design enables unprecedented access to tight spaces reducing previously uncleanable "dead spots."
    • Superior Handle. Fully autoclavable, lightweight, aluminum handle extends from 39-65” (99-165cm) making it ideal for use on walls, floors & ceilings.

    Sahara+ PharmaMOP® GO Mop Head Advantages

    1.Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips dislodge heavy soils, dried disinfectant, and sporicidal residues that are entrapped in the microfiber/polyester fabric to improve contamination control. Prevent corrosion of stainless steel equipment and meet the EU Annex 1 regulatory guidance for the “effective removal of disinfectant residues.”
    2. Simultaneously applies fresh disinfectant while cleaning dried residues for improved visual appearance and single-step cleaning and disinfection.
    3. Encased Foam core evenly applies IPA & Ultrapure Water without dripping and over wetting of cleanroom floors.
    4. Produced in an ISO 7 cleanroom with ultrasonic sealed edges and available gamma irradiated 10-6 SAL for compatibility with ISO 5 aseptic processing areas.
    5. Ultrasonically Sealed Edge provides unsurpassed in-use particulate control.

    The ultra-lightweight mop

    Sahara+ PharmaMOP® GO Mop Head Advantages

    • Advanced Construction. An absorbent cleanroom foam core is ultrasonically welded between a layer of a non-linting hybrid microfiber and laminated with dual Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips for exceptional cleaning.
    • Minimize Surface Microbial Contamination. Unique mop head materials dislodge, entrap and remove residues and stubbornly adhered soils.
    • Reduce Work Time. Ultrasonically sealed pockets allow the mop head to be assembled and disassembled in a hands-free manner within seconds.
    • Safety. Walls, equipment surfaces, raised floors and flat floors can all be damp mopped without dripping and over wetting, eliminating slip hazards and EHS events.
    • Quality Manufacturing. Manufactured in an ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 facility on a fully automated fabrication line. Ideal for use in ISO 3-9 cleanrooms.

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