PharmaSAT™ / The Ultra-Low VOC Presaturated Cleanroom Mop Head

The Ultra-Low VOC Presaturated Cleanroom Mop Head

PharmaSAT™ Information

Wafer Fabs face EH&S hazards and contamination control risks with current mopping protocols. PharamSAT™, presaturated with 100% UPW, is designed to address common issues such as slip hazards, dripping through perforated raised floors, open containers of IPA, associated solvent fumes(VOC's) of IPA and poor cleaning efficacy.

PharmaSAT,™ presaturated with 100% UPW or 10% IPA, incorporates Foamtec’s industry leading MiraWIPE® Microfiber sealed edge wiper with Sahara foam strips to enable operators to dislodge, entrap and remove contamination including stubbornly adhered slurry, resist and implant residue. The proprietary weave and sealed edge provide unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and tearing to reduce in-use particle and fiber generation.

For the first time, PharmaSAT™ provides contamination control engineers with a mopping option that eliminates slip hazards, dripping through perforated raised floors and solvent fumes while enabling far superior cleaning performance. PharmaSAT™ is available presaturated with 100% UltraPure Water or 10% IPA/90% UPW to help wafer fabs dramatically reduce VOC's associated with cleanroom mopping. Most importantly, both versions are production proven to eliminate slip hazards.

Process Benefits

• A single PharmaSAT™ mop head cleans 100-120m2 of floor space improving operator productivity.
• The scrubbing power of the Sahara foam strips combined with pickup capabilities of the MiraWIPE fabric make PharmaSAT ideal for removing stubbornly adhered resist, slurry, graphite, and silicon contamination present in CMP, lithography, and Ion implant modules.
• Manufactured and processed to improve contamination control in the most advanced wafer fabs.

Environmental Health & Safety Benefits

Environmental Constraints for the Semiconductor Industry are only Increasing

• Presaturated mop head eliminates the risk associated with spray bottles, squirt bottles and buckets of IPA in the fab.
• Reduces fugitive VOC emissions and air permit implications associated with solvent mopping.
• Reduces personnel exposure to isopropyl alcohol and arsenic residue.
• Eliminates slip hazards and dripping through perforated raised floors by leaving the floor dry immediately with no droplets.

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