Sterile UltraMOP III / Compatible to VertiKlean® Style Mopping Systems

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UltraMOP III Information

UltraMOP III Clean Room Wall Foam Mops are constructed of snag-resistant fabrics laminated to an absorbent, polyurethane foam. The Bump-Proof® Wrap-Around design ensures that the leading and trailing edges do not generate particles resulting from abrasion damage, improving cleanliness and durability. Mop heads are available with SingleSTEP™ fabric over foam versions to provide unsurpassed cleaning efficiency especially for stubborn contamination in high traffic areas. The exclusive Bump-PROOF® Wrap-Around design is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting ISO Class 1 clean rooms. Compatible with gamma, autoclave and EtO sterilization methods. Mop refills fit GEERPRES® wall washing handles.

VertiKlean® is a registered trademark of Contec, Inc.
GEERPRES® is a registered trademark of GEERPRES, Inc.
CORE2CLEAN® is a registered trademarks of Veltek Associates, Inc.


Improved disinfection. Proprietary foam with super fine porosity evenly applies disinfectants to surfaces.
Increased cleaning efficiency. Available in SingleSTEP™ / Sahara® lamination that enables cleaning of sticky disinfectant residues that lead to rust stains.
Improved cleanliness. BumpProof® design covers the leading and trailing edge of the mop head preventing abrasion related particle shedding and eliminating the need for separate polyester covers.
Product traceability. Available with Lot Certification of Conformance to ease audit and validation
Sterility Assured. Available gamma irradiated for sterile area mopping.

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