Sterile UltraMOP SW / Compatible with Roll-O-Matic® Style Mop Handles

  • The ultimate mop

UltraMOP SW Information

UltraMOP SW is a clean room sponge mop head refill designed to fit on Roll-O-Matic® brand handles to be used for wet mopping procedures in sterile and controlled environments. UltraMOP SW Constructed of a tear-resistant, highly absorbent polyurethane sponge and a stainless steel bracket. The proprietary, pin-hole-free foam resists abrasion-related particle generation while allowing the user to precisely and easily control the amount of disinfectant applied to the surface being cleaned. Autoclave compatible for use in sterile manufacturing areas. The UltraMOP SW mop head refills are designed to fit on Roll-O-Matic® brand self-wringing mop handles. Foamtec manufacturers the foam in our state of the art technical foam facility and fabricates the mop head in our advanced clean room fabrication facility to ensure the highest quality and lot to lot consistency.

Roll-O-Matic® is a registered trademark of Freudenberg Household Products LP.

UltraMOP SW Handles

UltraMOP SW Mop Heads