Sahara® Buffing Pad / Automated Stainless Steel Cleaning

  • The ultimate mop

Sahara® Buffing Pads

Cleaning and disinfection SOP Challenges

Current disinfection procedures leave disinfectant residuals on cleanroom surfaces which lead to facility appearance issues and corrosion stains on expensive stainless steel equipment.

The Sahara® Buffing Pad automates the removal of heavy disinfectant residues which enables GMP facilities to maintain stainless steel equipment in like new conditions without expensive and hazardous acid based passivation procedures.

The Sahara® Buffing Pad is a specially designed cross-linked ester, polyurethane foam with excellent physical properties. When combined with orbital, random orbital or pneumatic power tools it enables fast cleaning of stubbornly adhered residues from process equipment and clean room surfaces in ISO Class 1 environments using only DI water. The high abrasion resistance and easy gliding characteristics of the Sahara® Buffing Pads are ideal for scrubbing stains from large glass, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum , anodized aluminum and electropolished surfaces. The Sahara® Buffing Pad is processed and packed in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.


• Soft construction combined with easy gliding, superior scrubbing performance. Effortlessly remove bleach and other disinfectant residues from scratch sensitive surfaces such as cleanroom windows and plastic curtains in ISO cleanrooms.
• Improves compliance with current cleaning and disinfection SOPs as disinfectant stains and residuals can easily be cleaned with only water or 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.
• Unique polymer cross-linking provides outstanding tear and abrasion performance ensuring excellent particle control characteristics.
• The Sahara® Buffing Pad enables Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Medical Device facilitates to eliminate hazardous chemicals and particle generating abrasives in equipment cleaning procedures.

Sahara® Buffing Pads