Sahara® Sponge / Scratch-Free Equipment Cleaning

Sahara® Sponge Information

Current equipment cleaning procedures that involve cleaning hardened process by-product often lead to abrasion damage of critical process equipment or the use of hazardous chemicals. The Sahara® Sponge is designed to scrub hardened, dried process residues and stains from scratch sensitive equipment. Sahara Sponges will not scratch stainless steel, glass, aluminum and even soft plastic surfaces. The Sahara® Sponge is constructed from a highly cross linked coarse pore polyurethane foam that is cleanroom processed to achieve ultra-low particle, NVR and metallic contamination levels. The Sahara® Sponge is designed for use in ISO Class 3-8 cleanrooms. Sahara sponges are compatible with disinfectants, IPA, Acetone and DI water.

The Sahara® Sponge is available in both a coarse pore or fine pore material. Both coarse and fine pore versions are safe on all equipment surfaces. The fine pore Sahara® Sponge has a longer service life.

Applications & Advantages

• Eliminates scratch damage, abrasive particle and metallic contamination when cleaning hardened CMP slurry deposits from AMAT Reflexion®, Mirra® MESA and Ebara F-REX200 and F-REX300 polishers.
• Reduces corrosion and rusting of stainless steel equipment by easily cleaning hardened and dried disinfectant stains with only water or 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol in GMP facilities.
• Scratch-free, quick cleaning of hardened active API and insipient residues from tablet presses.
• Prevent backside particle contamination by removing embedded particulates in Electrostatic Chucks(ESC).
• Eliminate particulate, metallic and scratch damage problems associated with Scotch-Brite™ in cleanrooms.

Reflexion® and Mirra® MESA are registered trademarks of Applied Materials, Inc.
Scotch-Brite™ Brand is a trademark of 3M.

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