ScrubCLEAN® / Quickly Clean Process Residues

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ScrubCLEAN® Information

ScrubCLEAN® is a specially designed abrasive sponge for cleaning hardened residues off scratch sensitive tools and components such as CMP polishers, shower heads, heater surfaces, metal/polyester mesh masks, sealing surfaces, plastic and glass surfaces. Unlike current scrubbers which rely on coated fibers or coated abrasives, ScrubCLEAN® abrasive sponges are constructed from plastic particles that are adhered to the sponge with a polyurethane polymer, making them ideal for applications where it is critical to reduce particles and fibers generated by the abrasive surfaces.

Key Features

• Proprietary coating allows for scrubbing while minimizing particle generation from the abrasive surface making it the optimum choice for cleaning shower heads, GDPs, pump ports, gate valves and bio-reactors.
• Extremely low in endotoxins and autoclavable for the sterilized scrubbing of bio-reactors, mixing tanks and other bio-pharmaceutical applications.
• Plastic based scrubbing surface is ideal for cleaning scratch sensitive surfaces such as glass, plastic, and anodized aluminum surfaces.
• Allows for the fast, safe cleaning of scratch-sensitive surfaces such as CMP polishers, metal mesh screens and three roll mills.
• Extremely low in metals, salts and sodium.

ScrubCLEAN® Sponges