Cleanroom Swabs

Foamtec understands that operations involving swabs are precise in nature, so engineering and manufacturing are performed in-house and strictly controlled to deliver swabs that meet customer expectations for quality, consistency, purity and cleanliness.

Foamtec swabs are used in various applications, including those in Hard Disk Drive, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Optics, Fiber Optics, Forensics, Pediatrics, Veterinary, Drug Delivery and Diagnostic applications.

Swab Features

• Lot Tested & Certified
• Wide Array of Tip Styles & Materials
• Static Dissipative Handles & Tips
• Pyrogen free
• EtO, Steam and Gamma Stable
• Non-Cytotoxic
• ATP Free
• Low in particulates, outgassing and NVRs
• Rohs compatible

Foam Swabs

Cleanroom foam swabs for precision cleaning and application tasks. Reticulated open cell PU tip efficiently removes or applies silicones, adhesives and epoxy in precision assembly operations. Ideal for cleaning and application of medical grade silicones.


Microfiber Swabs

Microfiber cleaning performance brought to the world of swabs. Acetone compatible.


Sterile Swabs

Cleanroom Swabs Gamma Irradiated 10^-6, designed for cleaning sterile environments.

Fiber Free Swabs

Fiber Free Swabs, made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials are ideal for cleaning Medical Devices.

ESD Safe Swabs

ESD Safe swabs for precision cleaning of static sensitive components.


Cleaning Validation Swabs

Constructed of black and white fabric for inspection and verification protocols.

Polyester Swabs

Cleanroom fabric over foam construction for use with aggressive solvents such as acetone.

Sampling and Diagnostic Swabs

Nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal and cleaning validation swabs.