CleanWIPE® Swab / Cleanroom Foam Swabs

  • CleanWIPE® Swabs - Ideal for Precision Cleaning
  • CleanWIPE® Swabs - Cleanroom Swabs
  • CleanWIPE® Swabs - Cleanroom Swabs
  • CleanWIPE® Swabs - Cleanroom Swabs

CleanWIPE® Swab Information

CleanWIPE Swabs are designed for the most demanding cleanroom precision cleaning operations. 1000 Series Swabs employ the CleanWIPE® reticulated 100ppi foam to provide soft, absorbent cleaning performance. The CleanWIPE® swabs are available in a variety of head shapes and sizes enabling precision cleaning of optical, disk drive, and class III medical device components. Swab manufacturing, cleaning and packaging is performed in an ISO 13485, ISO 5 cleanroom to ensure maximum cleanliness and lot to lot uniformity. Swab handle and tip materials are traceable back to raw materials.


• Swab tip is constructed from medical grade open-cell PU foam to enable efficient removal of silicones, adhesives and epoxies.
• High purity formulation and multistage washing process ensure a swab free of Amines, Sulphur and Chloride to ensure compatibility with curing of platinum cured silicones, adhesive and epoxies.
• Silicone and adhesive free to ensure streak free cleaning when wetted with solvents such as IPA.

• Super fine seal eliminates risk of scratching delicate optical assemblies.
• Proprietary washing process enables swabs to pass ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity testing.
• Available in very small point and paddle style head shapes for cleaning of very small spaces.
• Available in pyrogen-free versions upon request.

CleanWIPE® Swabs