ErgoSCRUB® Swabs / Scratch-Free, Ergonomic Cleaning Tools for Microelectronics, Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

  • The ultimate mop

ErgoSCRUB® Swabs Information

ErgoSCRUB® Swabs are designed to address cleaning applications that present ergonomic, operator safety, or cleaning accessibility issues in recessed areas. ErgoSCRUB® Swabs are constructed with replaceable Sahara® Scrubbing Foam or UltraSORB+ Foam Tips with reusable plastic handles. ErgoSCRUB® Swabs enable faster turnover time and scratch-free cleaning of expensive USP flexible hoses, tablet presses, tablet coating, three roll mills, and blending equipment. The scratch-free scrubbing properties of the Sahara® Scrubbing Foam and UltraSORB+ Foam enable the removal of sticky and hardened Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API) and excipient residues on scratch-sensitive equipment.

ErgoSCRUB® Swab tips have been designed to offer the cleaning perfomance of nylon brushes with stainless steel handles while eliminating metallic particle generation and scratch damage. The swabs provide full contact with hard to reach areas such as USP flexible hoses to deliver superior cleanliness results by dislodging, entrapping, and removing contamination. All ErgoSCRUB® Swabs are manufactured in an ISO 13485 cleanroom and are compatible with platinum-cured silicones. All components are tested and certified ISO 10993 bio-compatible.

Advantages & Applications

• ErgoSCRUB® Swab Tips can be flushed through USP flexible hoses to improve cleaning validation performance of solid dose tablets and topical ointment manufacturing processes.
• Enable faster, safer, and thorough cleaning of three roll mills and blending equipment used to process HCR silicone, dispersions, elastomers, and screen printable inks.
• Ideal for removing cured silicone from molds and barrels in Liquid injection molding tools.
• Compatible with Detergents, IPA, Acetone, Xylene, and Toluene.
• Designed for ISO 5-8 equipment cleaning applications.

ErgoSCRUB® Swabs Vs. Nylon Brush with Stainless Steel Handle Comparison


  • Scratch-Free Cleaning
  • ISO 5 Cleanroom Processed and Washed
  • Manufactured from Low Particulate Generating Materials
  • Ability to Scrub Excess API Residue
  • Ability to Clean Precious Metal Paste
  • Ability to Remove Platinum Cured Silicones
  • Replaceable Tip & Reusable Handle
  • Designed to Clean Entire Length of USP Flexible Hose
  • Flexible to Conform to Surfaces
  • Available in Cleanroom Wiper Form

ErgoSCRUB® Swabs

Nylon Brush With SS Handle

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