PolySWAB™ / Polyester Swabs

  • The ultimate mop

PolySWAB™ Information

PolySWAB™ 1500 and 1600 Series Polyester Swabs feature a patent-pending polyester fabric over foam tip thermally bonded to a polypropylene shaft resulting in a swab that is soft, conformable to work surfaces yet both resistant to abrasion and solvents. PolySWAB™ is also available with tips fabricated from 100% fabric for applications requiring prolonged exposure to solvents such as Acetone, Ethyl Ether and NMP. Tip options include a heavy weight textured fabric for applications requiring streak-free cleaning.


• Fabric over foam construction compatible with aggressive solvents such as Acetone, Kyzen and MEK
• Available in multilayer tips where softness and conformability are important.
• Textured fabric tips enable excellent removal of difficult to remove stains and particles.
• Proprietary cleaning process ensures low extractable for streak free cleaning.

Common Applications

• Cleaning stains and particles from scratch sensitive optics and optical assemblies.
• Cleaning applications that require Acetone, MEK, NMP and Kyzen.
• Cleaning blind surfaces such as O-ring grooves and ink jet print heads.
• Removing excess materials in fine assembly operations.

PolySWAB™ Swabs