SurfCHECK® / The Cleaning Validation Swab

  • The ultimate mop

SurfCHECK® Information

The SurfCHECK® Cleaning Validation Swab is a unique, patent-pending tool specifically engineered to support pharmaceutical cleaning validation work using various analytical methods, including TOC, HPLC, IMS & UV-Vis. The SurfCHECK® will eliminate background interference from improper technician handling techniques by a design that allows technicians to use the tools the same way every time without ever touching the swab tip. Each tip is firmly held in place in an easy-to-use tray, connecting to the handle at point-of-use. Tips are oriented for ease of use, ensuring that technicians will insert them properly and securely. After swabbing, the tips can be placed into the diluent by depressing a protected button at the top of the pen. There is no need for cutting implements or snapping mechanisms which can contaminate the sample. Each tip and SurfCHECK® are certified at less than 30ppb TOC for that type of analytical work.


• Certfied to TOC Levels < 30ppb.
• Pipettor like disconnect to eliminate cutting.
• Excellent solvent compatibility for HPLC & IMS testing.
• Designed to minimize risks of cross contamination.

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