Cleanroom Wipes & Wipers

Maximize Contamination Control with Clean Room Foam and Microfiber Wipes from Foamtec

Foamtec is the leading producer of microfiber and foam wipes for cleanrooms. They are constructed with specialized foam and microfiber that is production-proven to minimize abrasion-generated particles while maximizing the removal of stubbornly adhered contaminants from critical components and equipment surfaces. Our extensive line of wipers is available in many combinations of pre-saturation, including water, IPA, and combinations of the two that can fit your exact needs without leaving your surfaces too wet.

Get clean on time and on budget. Because our foam and microfiber wipers dry faster, leave no residues, and pick up contamination other wipers leave behind, Foamtec's clients find scrap and re-work rates lower by using a superior product.

Cleanroom Wipes Features

• Lot Tested & Certified
• Pyrogen free
• EtO, Steam and Gamma Stable
• Non-Cytotoxic
• ATP Free
• Low in particulates, outgassing and NVRs
• Rohs compatible


Cleanroom foam wipers ideal for medical device cleaning applications.


Premium cleanroom microfiber wipers designed for equipment cleaning applications.

Presaturated Microfiber

Premium presaturated microfiber cleanroom wipers offering the most advanced cleanrooms unsurpassed cleaning performance.


Sterile cleanroom wipes gamma irradiated 10^-6 for cleaning critical surfaces.



Lightweight, knitted polyester wipes constructed and processed to meet cleanroom requirements.

Cleaning Validation

Black Cleanroom inspection wipes designed to quickly collect contamination from large surfaces to troubleshoot particle contamination and aid in cleaning validation studies.

Mops, Swabs, and More

Browse our lines of clean room mops, swabs, and more to round out your cleaning processes and hardware:

  • Clean Room Mops
  • Clean Room Sponges
  • Clean Room Swabs
  • Accessories, Mop Buckets, Face Masks and More