Cleanroom Foam Wipes & Wipers

Cleanroom foam wipes are constructed from an abrasion-resistant polyurethane sponge that results in a lint-free wiping process. All foam wipes are compatible with IPA, xylene, and toluene and certified to meet ISO 5 cleanroom requirements.

Cleanroom Wipes Features

• Lot Tested & Certified
• Pyrogen free
• EtO, Steam and Gamma Stable
• Non-Cytotoxic
• ATP Free
• Low in particulates, outgassing and NVRs
• Rohs compatible

CleanWIPE® Wipers

Cleanroom foam wipers ideal for class 3 medical device cleaning applications. ISO 10993 compatible.

FirmWIPE® Wipers

Super durable cleanroom foam wiper with high tear resistance and sponge-like absorbency. ISO 10993 compatible.

UltraSOLV® Wipers

Highly absorbent, ISO Class 5 foam wiper that will not shed particles on rough or textured surfaces.


Highly absorbent wipers with a non-uniform pore structure enable the capture of particles ranging in size from submicron to 500 microns. ISO 10993 compatible.

UltraSORB® +

UltraSORB+ is a next generation, tear-resistant absorbent foam wiper that dislodges and removes particles and residues that are stubbornly adhered to tooling and work surfaces. ISO 10993 compatible.

Mops, Swabs, and More

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