FirmWIPE® Wipers / Felted Cleanroom Foam Wiper

The ultimate mop

FirmWIPE® Wiper Information

Cleaning excess medical grade silicone and adhesives from devices, tooling and epoxy dispensers in ISO 13485 clean rooms

FirmWIPE’s is a high strength cleanroom sponge designed to improve contamination control in ISO 7 cleanrooms. FirmWIPE is a durable, tear-resistant polyurethane foam that has very fast wicking of solvents and viscous fluids. FirmWIPE is ideal for high frequency and repetitive cleaning of medical-grade silicone and adhesives from hand tools, scalpels, and epoxy dispensing tips. FirmWIPE is free of Sulphur and amines, so it will not inhibit platinum silicone curing.

FirmWIPE’s felted construction and ultra-fine porosity enable repeated tooling and surfaces with excess adhesive or silicone to wiper consumption and operator time. Further enhancing productivity is FirmWIPE’s high-density design, which allows operators to clean devices one-handed as the sponge will not slide on the work surface.

FirmWIPE is engineered with fully cross-linked polyurethane foam to eliminate fiber contamination from cleanrooms highly susceptible to foreign material( FM) defects. FirmWIPE is processed and laundered to pass ISO 10993 cytotoxicity and pyrogen specifications.


• Compatible with cleaning applications requiring exposure to solvents such as hexane, heptane, toluene, dichloromethane, xylene and IPA.
• Open-cell, felted foam structure allows for controlled transfer of fluids to optimize solvent bonding processes.
• Ester-based chemistry and felted construction meet biocompatibility requirements for cleaning implantable devices.
• Fully traceable back to raw material with lot certificates and test data.
• Processed, washed and packed in FDA registered, Iso 13485 facility.

FirmWIPE® Wipers