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FirmWIPE® Wipers

Felted Cleanroom Foam Wiper

FirmWIPE® Wipers: The Best Solution for Cleaning Medical Devices and Tooling

If you are looking for a high-performance cleanroom wiper that can effectively remove excess silicone, adhesives, inks, and other contaminants from medical devices and tooling, look no further than FirmWIPE®. FirmWIPE® is a felted cleanroom foam wiper that is specially designed for cleaning applications in ISO 7 and ISO 13485 cleanrooms. FirmWIPE® has the following features and benefits:

  • High-strength and durability: FirmWIPE® is made of fully cross-linked, felted polyurethane foam that has high tensile and abrasion resistance. It will not snag or rip on sharp edges, ensuring contamination-free cleaning of equipment such as injection molding tooling, 3D printing nozzles, and screen printing squeegees.
  • High absorbency and holding capacity: FirmWIPE® has high absorbency, fast wicking, and drip-free holding of solvents, mold release, and liquid silicone rubber. It can effectively clean and apply these materials on medical devices and tooling, reducing waste and improving efficiency.
  • Low impurity and biocompatibility: FirmWIPE® is free of impurities such as Sulphur, so it will not inhibit the curing of medical-grade platinum silicone. It is also processed and laundered to ISO 5 cleanliness specifications and to pass ISO 10993 cytotoxicity and pyrogen specifications, ensuring biocompatibility and safety for medical applications.
  • Cost-effectiveness and sustainability: FirmWIPE’s felted construction and ultra-fine porosity enable repeated cleaning of tooling and surfaces with excess adhesive or silicone, allowing the reduction of wiper consumption and operator time. FirmWIPE® is also recyclable and biodegradable, minimizing environmental impact.

FirmWIPE® is the best solution for cleaning medical devices and tooling that are highly susceptible to foreign material (FM) contamination. FirmWIPE® is widely deployed in medical device cleanrooms for cleaning tasks such as:

  • Removing excess liquid silicone rubber from injection molding tooling and devices
  • Cleaning epoxy dispensers and applicators
  • Wiping off excess adhesives from medical device assembly
  • Cleaning 3D printing nozzles and build plates
  • Removing inks from screen printing squeegees and substrates

To learn more about FirmWIPE® and how it can help you improve your medical device cleaning process, contact us today or request a sample.


Compatible with cleaning applications requiring exposure to solvents such as hexane, heptane, toluene, dichloromethane, xylene, and IPA.
Open-cell, felted foam structure allows for the consistent and repeatable transfer of fluids to devices and tooling.
Ester-based chemistry and felted construction meet ISO10993 biocompatibility requirements for cleaning implantable devices.
Fully traceable back to raw material with lot certificates and test data.
Processed, washed, and packed in FDA registered, Iso 13485 facility.
Bioburden Control. 100% lint-free construction from abrasion-resistant polyurethane foam eliminates the major source of fibers in cleanrooms that promote microbial growth.
FirmWIPE is ideal for high-frequency cleaning of medical-grade silicone, elastomers, and adhesives from molding, hand tools, scalpels, and epoxy dispensing tips.
FirmWIPE is dimensionally compliant and rip-resistant for cleaning and applying mold release to liquid silicon rubber injection molds and ejector pins.
FirmWIPE efficiently cleans silicone flashing from injection molds without removing the seasoning layer to ensure the excellent release of subsequent parts.
FirmWIPE can be machined and custom fabricated to provide custom pads for automated cleaning and application tasks.
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Size: 0.375" x 2" x 3"

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