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UltraSOLV® Wipers

ISO Class 3 Absorbent Wipe

UltraSOLV® Wipers: The Ultimate Solution for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs

UltraSOLV® Wipers are the go-to choice for semiconductor wafer fabs seeking superior cleaning performance. Designed specifically for critical tools and assemblies, UltraSOLV® excels in removing process residues from rough, bead-blasted surfaces. Here’s why UltraSOLV® stands out:

  1. Sponge-Like Absorbency:
    • UltraSOLV® is constructed from a naturally reticulated, hydrophilic polyurethane foam. Its sponge-like absorbency allows it to efficiently soak up liquids, including high-viscosity substances.
    • When dealing with process by-products, UltraSOLV® ensures thorough cleaning, minimizing residue and enhancing yield.
  2. Ultra-Low Particle Generation:
    • Unlike fabric wipers, UltraSOLV®’s foam construction eliminates the shedding of fibers and particles. This makes it ideal for cleanroom environments, especially in medical device applications.
    • In semiconductor wafer fabs, where particle contamination can impact yield and performance, UltraSOLV® shines by maintaining ultra-low particle generation.
  3. Static Dissipative Properties:
    • UltraSOLV® offers excellent static dissipative characteristics, minimizing the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.
    • It’s safe for cleaning static-sensitive assemblies, such as wafer transfer chambers within vacuum tools.
  4. Efficient and Eco-Friendly:
    • UltraSOLV®’s absorbency and rinsing capabilities allow you to reduce wiper usage and hazardous waste generation during equipment preventive maintenance (PM).
    • By using UltraSOLV®, you’ll optimize cleaning processes while minimizing environmental impact.
  5. Versatile Applications:
    • UltraSOLV® is widely deployed in stencil printing, thick film screen printing, and medical device wiping applications.
    • Whether you’re cleaning large volumes of liquids or delicate surfaces, UltraSOLV® delivers consistent performance.

Contact us today to experience the power of UltraSOLV® in your semiconductor wafer fab. Request a sample and elevate your cleaning protocols!

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Size: 0.0625" x 9" x 9"

Size: 0.055" x 9" x 9"

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Foamtec's mission is to enable contamination control professionals to improve particle control in clean rooms by solving surface contamination challenges. The Wilshire Contamination Control Division of Foamtec International supplies clean room mops, foam swabs, microfiber swabs, foam wipers, microfiber wipers, UltraSOLV® ScrubPADS to address clean room cleaning and the critical cleaning of process equipment.


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