UltraSORB® Wipers / Lint Free Absorbent Wipe for ISO 7 cleanrooms

  • The ultimate mop

UltraSORB® Wiper Information

UltraSORB® is constructed from hydrophilic, open-cell foam sponge for cleanroom wiping applications that require high absorbency. Unlike fabric wipers, UltraSORB’s polyurethane foam construction eliminates the shedding of fibers and FM (particles > 25μm) to the cleanroom, making it ideal for medical device applications. UltraSORB’s®, low shedding characteristics combined with open cell variegated cell structure, which entraps and removes contamination, makes it ideal for complex manual assembly operations. UltraSORB static dissipative qualities and low tribocharging of plastic surfaces are perfect for cleaning catheter bodies and balloons made from Pebax®, PTFE, ePTFE, platinum cured silicones, urethanes and nylon.

Due to UltraSORB’s sponge-like wiping capability, fiber-free construction, and ability to resist shedding of particles due to abrasion, it improves contamination control in Stencil Printing, Thick Film Screen Printing and Medical Device assembly applications. UltraSORB is laundered with a proprietary process that allows it to be certified to meet ISO 10993 cytotoxicity and pyrogen specifications.

Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema


• Excellent absorbency and biocompatibility make it ideal for cleaning implantable class 2 & class 3 medical devices that must pass pyrogen and cytotoxicity testing.
• UltraSORB is pliable to easily conform to three-dimensional surfaces allowing for efficient and thorough wiping.
• Static dissipative properties and soft sponge construction make it the ideal platform for tools and devices.
• The combination of fast absorbency, large fluid holding and cleanliness make this an ideal work platform for implantable medical device components.
• Bioburden Control. 100% lint-free construction from abrasion-resistant polyurethane foam eliminates the major source of fibers in cleanrooms that promote microbial growth.

UltraSORB® Wipers