PolyCHECK® Wipers / The Cleaning Validation Wiper

  • The ultimate mop

PolyCHECK® Wiper Information

PolyCHECK® is a particle collection wiper constructed with cleanroom grade polyester fabric designed to attract and hold contamination to enable more robust cleaning validation. The ability to attract and retain particulate contamination allows quality engineers to employ PolyCHECK® to efficiently sample large surfaces in cleanrooms such as workstations, process equipment, tooling and devices. PolyCHECK®, combined with Foamtec's material science lab, allows customers to perform forensic analysis in cleanrooms to understand contamination sources in their manufacturing process.

PolyCHECK is designed with black fabric to ease visual inspections for organic-based particle contamination, which fluoresces when exposed to UV light sources.


• Enables collection of contamination from large surfaces.
• Allows for faster analysis of root cause particle sources to close CAPA's, scratch defect and contamination investigations.
• Reduces costly and time-consuming sample collection with SEM stubs.


• Combined with UV light, PolyCHECK enables post-cleaning validation for high vacuum chambers, front end modules, wafer transfer robots, tablet presses, laminar flow hoods, sterile filling machines.
• Ideal for sampling surfaces, tooling and components to identify contamination sources in wafer processing equipment.

PolyCHECK® Wipers