Microfiber Cleanroom Wipes & Wipers

Minimize particle contamination with Clean Room Wipes from Foamtec

Our wipes are designed from the ground up to minimize abrasion generated particles by using a durable woven microfiber and cleanroom foam materials. Our extensive line of wipers come in many combinations of pre-saturation including water, IPA, and combinations of the two that can fit your exact needs without leaving your surfaces too wet.

Get clean on time and on budget. Because our foam and microfiber wipers dry faster, leave no residues and pick up contamination other wipers leave behind, Foamtec's clients find scrap and re-work rates lower by using a superior product.

MiraWIPE® | Microfiber Wipers

The premium cleanroom microfiber wiper designed for ISO Class 1-3 equipment cleaning applications.


Mops, Swabs, and More

Browse our lines of clean room mops, swabs, and more to round out your cleaning processes and hardware:

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