MiraWIPE® / Cleanroom Microfiber Wiper for ISO 3-5 Cleanrooms

MiraWIPE® Information

MiraWIPE® is a woven cleanroom microfiber wiper that enhances absorbency and foreign particle contamination removal versus traditional polyester wipers. The high-density, super smooth woven polyester/nylon fabric minimizes the shedding of submicron particulates and practically eliminates shedding of > .50 micron FM from the face of the wiper when used in heavy-duty equipment cleaning tasks. The non-stretch fabric and ultrasonic sealed edge will not split during use eliminating a major source of particle generation. MiraWIPE’s non-symmetrical microfiber structure enables stubbornly adhered contamination to be dislodged, entrapped and removed product contact surfaces and components.

MiraWIPE is laundered and packed in to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 3 cleanrooms. MiraWIPE is lot tested and certified by LPC, Helmke drum and optical test methods to ensure control of submicron to 500 micron particles. All wipers are double bagged to aid cleanroom entry protocols.

The MiraWIPE® Advantage

Unsurpassed Cleaning Efficiency. Star shaped microfiber leads to enhanced removal of particles, metals, and organics from cleanrooms.
Delivers Cleaner Tools. Engineered fabric resists abrasion and snagging to prevent foreign particle contamination.
ISO Class 3-5 Compatible. Unique edge seal process maintains sealed edge integrity even during heavy duty wiping.
VOC Free Cleaning. Interstitial fabric design allows DI water to replace solvents such as IPA in equipment cleaning applications.
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Production-Proven. Ideal for cleaning wafer handling systems to eliminate linear scratch defect events.
Bioburden Control. Abrasion-resistant fabric practically eliminates the shedding of > 5-micron particles and fibers to equipment and product surfaces during wiping.


  • Semiconductor
  • Microelectronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Hospitals, Pharmacies
  • USP <797>, USP <800>
  • API, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing facilities
  • Optics
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Aerospace
  • Printed Electronics
  • Applications

    • MiraWIPE is production-proven in sub 10nm wafer fabs to reduce post PM particle adders in Vacuum Chambers and wafer transfer systems.
    • MiraWIPE is available sterile for cleaning aseptic processing areas in Pharmaceutical cleanrooms.
    • MiraWIPE durable fabric significantly reduces 30-200 micron fiber release making it ideal for cleaning medical worksurfaces and components.

    Abrasion Resistance Comparison

    MiraWIPE® Catalog

    Sterile MiraWIPE® Catalog