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MiraWIPE® 256

Cleanroom Microfiber Wiper for ISO 1-3 cleanrooms

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MiraWIPE® 256 wipes are manufactured with next-generation weaving, automated inspection, washing, and handling processes to meet the requirements of wafer fabs running sub 10nm nodes in ISO 1-3 cleanroom environments. The MiraWIPE 256 employs a woven microfiber fabric that enhances absorbency and foreign particle contamination removal versus traditional cleanroom wipers. The high-density, super smooth woven polyester/nylon fabric minimizes the shedding of submicron particulates and practically eliminates shedding of >.50 micron FM from the face of the wiper when used in heavy-duty equipment cleaning tasks. The non-stretch fabric and ultrasonic sealed edge will not split during use eliminating a significant source of particle generation. MiraWIPE’s non-symmetrical microfiber structure enables stubbornly adhered contamination to be dislodged, entrapped, and removed from product contact surfaces and components.

The MiraWIPE 256 is laundered and packed in to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 1 cleanrooms. MiraWIPE is lot tested and certified by LPC, Helmke drum, and optical test methods to ensure control of submicron to 500-micron particles. All wipers are double-bagged to aid cleanroom entry protocols.

The MiraWIPE® Advantage


Unsurpassed Cleaning Efficiency.

Star-shaped microfiber leads to enhanced removal of process by-product, particles, metals, and organics from wafer processing tools

Delivers Cleaner Tools.

Engineered fabric resists abrasion and snagging to prevent foreign particle contamination.

ISO Class 1-3 Compatible.

Next-generation fabric construction, washing process and inspection designed to meet cleanliness requirements of sub 10nm advanced process nodes.

ESD Safe.

MiraWIPE is static dissipative for use in ESD-sensitive environments.




MiraWIPE is widely deployed in sub 10nm wafer fabs to reduce post PM particle adders in Vacuum Chambers and wafer transfer systems.
Efficient removal of process by-product ensures better utilization of equipment techs, higher first-pass qual rates and reduced green to green times for process tools.
High strength fabric and robust sealed edge minimize particle release to electrostatic chucks and wafer handling end effectors.
MiraWIPE is unsurpassed at dislodging and entrapping dried DUV and EUV photoresists in track tools to reduce the transfer of particles into the litho scanner.
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Processed, Wide Sealed Edge
The premium cleanroom microfiber wiper has been woven with a unique process designed to minimize particle shedding even when the wiper is used in heavy duty equipment cleaning applications. The fabric undergoes extensive washing and inspection to meet requirements for sub 10nm processing nodes. MiraWIPE® 256 is designed for ISO Class 1-3 equipment cleaning applications.

Size: 9" x 9"
Seal: Wide Sealed Edge

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Foamtec's mission is to enable contamination control professionals to improve particle control in clean rooms by solving surface contamination challenges. The Wilshire Contamination Control Division of Foamtec International supplies clean room mops, foam swabs, microfiber swabs, foam wipers, microfiber wipers, UltraSOLV® ScrubPADS to address clean room cleaning and the critical cleaning of process equipment.


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