MiraWIPE® SM / Cleanroom Microfiber Wiper for ISO 5-8 cleanrooms

MiraWIPE® Information

MiraWIPE® SM is a cost-effective solution where microfiber cleaning performance is required for ISO 5-8 cleanroom cleaning applications. MiraWIPE® SM's nylon reinforced polyester woven microfiber fabric dramatically improves contamination removal & abrasion resistance for the most critical equipment cleaning applications. MiraWIPE® SM is ideal for cleaning applications in 200mm wafer fabs, pharmaceutical & medical device cleanrooms that require better first pass cleaning results & reduced room turn over times. MiraWIPE® SM's tight cross-directional weave pattern dislodges, entraps and removes particulate contamination while minimizing particle shedding from the face of the wiper.

MiraWIPE® SM will not split and shed particles during heavy-duty wiping applications. The abrasion resistance, super-strong sealed edge and proprietary washing process ensure compatibility with ISO 5-8 cleanrooms.

The MiraWIPE® Advantage

Unsurpassed Cleaning Efficiency. Enhanced removal of particles, metals, silicones and disinfectant residues from cleanroom surfaces.
True Lint-Free Performance. Offers superior abrasion resistance to prevent in-use fiber and particle shedding.
Delivers Cleaner Tools. Engineered fabric resists abrasion and snagging to prevent foreign particle contamination.
Proprietary Sealed Edge. Maintains sealed edge integrity even during heavy duty wiping.
Foamtec’s proprietary washing process provides ultralow levels of ions and extractables.
Bioburden Control. Abrasion-resistant fabric practically eliminates the shedding of > 5-micron particles and fibers to equipment and product surfaces during wiping.


  • Semiconductor
  • Microelectronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Hospitals, Pharmacies
  • USP <797>, USP <800>
  • API, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing facilities
  • Optics
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Aerospace
  • Printed Electronics
  • Applications

    • Ideal wiper to clean off disinfectant residues in aseptic manufacturing facilities.
    • Engineered to clean trace residues and contamination from tooling & automation in pharmaceutical and medical device facilities to better control dark particle contamination.
    • Optimized for equipment cleaning SOP’s in 200mm wafer fabs.

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