MiraSAT™ 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes H Series / Presaturated Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes Optimized for Cleaning and Disinfection Tasks

The Ultra Low VOC Free Wiper

MiraSAT™ Information

MiraSAT™ 70/30 H is pre-saturated with 70% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW) & incorporates Foamtec’s industry-leading MiraWIPE™ Microfiber sealed edge wiper. The unique woven microfiber wipers is wetted with 9.5mL of fluid making it ideal to sanitize and clean up disinfectant residue in pharmaceutical cleanrooms. The microfiber fabric combined with uniform wetting greatly enhances the removal viable and non-viable particulate contamination. MiraSAT’s super durable weave and sealed edge minimize shedding of fibers even on textured surfaces making it ideal for equipment cleaning tasks. MiraSAT™ is manufactured and processed in an ISO 5 cleanroom.

MiraSAT™ is a woven cleanroom microfiber wiper that enhances absorbency and foreign particle contamination removal versus traditional polyester wipers. The high density, super smooth woven polyester/nylon fabric minimizes the shedding of particulates from the face of the wiper when used in heavy-duty equipment cleaning tasks. The non-stretch textile and ultrasonic sealed edge will not split during use eliminating a significant source of particle generation. MiraSAT's™ non-symmetrical microfiber structure enables stubbornly adhered contamination to be dislodged, entrapped and removed from product contact surfaces and components.

MiraSAT™ is laundered and packed in to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 3 cleanrooms. MiraSAT™ is lot tested and certified by LPC, Helmke drum and optical test methods to ensure control of submicron to 500-micron particles. Each pack of MiraSAT™ is double bagged and contains 20 wipers to aid cleanroom entry protocols and to prevent evaporation before use.


MiraSAT™ Enables High Precision Preventive Maintenance

Combined with the UltraSOLV® ScrubPAD and Sponge, MiraSAT’s capabilities to dislodge, entrap and remove stubbornly adhered contamination reduces wiper usage, hazardous waste and equipment recovery time. MiraSAT's cleaning efficiency saves valuable equipment technician time.

MiraSAT Applications

• For use in ISO Class 3 and higher cleanrooms.
• Cleaning of laminar flow hoods, conveyors and tablet presses.
• Reduces metal-to-metal generated contamination that lead to dark particle defects.
• Cleaning baked-on resist and developer from lithography tracks.
• Increased levels of fluid allow for cleaning of hot high vacuum chambers.
• Unsurpassed abrasion & snag resistance minimizes scratch defects and particle excursions associated with fab wipers.
• Eliminates contamination risks associated with soiled IPA squirt bottles.
• For equipment PM’s, the lightly dampened, woven microfiber fabric is production proven to improve equipment uptime and first pass qual rates.
• Ideal for cleaning wafer handling systems to eliminate linear scratch defect events.

MiraSAT™ Catalog

MiraSAT™ Comes in different solvent configurations to meet your application's needs

MiraSAT™ UPW Wipers

MiraSAT™ UPW is pre-saturated with 100% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 144mL. Designed for ISO 3-5 Cleanrooms.

MiraSAT™ 10/90 Wipers

MiraSAT™ 10/90 is pre-saturated with 10% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 90% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 144mL. Designed for ISO 3-5 Cleanrooms.

MiraSAT™ 70/30 Wipers

MiraSAT™ 70/30 is pre-saturated with 70% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 144mL. Designed for ISO 3-5 Cleanrooms.

MiraSAT™ SM 70/30 H Wipers

MiraSAT™ SM 70/30 H is pre-saturated with 70% USP IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 190mL. Designed for ISO 5-8 Cleanrooms.

MiraSAT™ 100% IPA Wipers

MiraSAT™ 100% IPA is pre-saturated with 100% Semiconductor Grade IPA, 144mL. Designed for ISO 3-5 Cleanrooms.