Sterile MiraWIPE® / Sterile Cleanroom Microfiber Wiper

MiraWIPE is constructed from high strength fabric and a durable sealed edge greatly reducing fiber generation
when cleaning critical process equipment.

MiraWIPE® Information

Sterile MiraWIPE® Wipes are woven with a conjugated microfiber nylon/polyester fiber, creating a fabric with high abrasion resistance and high surface area. The sealed edge is formed with a proprietary ultrasonic process. This ultrasonic process creates a robust sealed edge that significantly reduces particle shedding during wiping. The combination of high surface area, abrasion resistance, and the durable sealed edge generates cleaner equipment surfaces.

The wipe is chemical resistant to standard cleaning solvents and disinfectants and exceptionally low in particles and extractable residue making it ideal for critical cleaning. The wipes are laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.

The wipes are gamma-irradiated and validated per AAMI guidelines to a 10-6 SAL. Sterile MiraWIPE® is validated for use in aseptic cleanrooms.


• Microfiber fabric construction enables improved cleaning of disinfectant residues, glass, metallic and lubricant based contamination make it ideal for Grade A/B or ISO Class 3-8 environments.
• Validated sterile to a 10-6 SAL.
• Laundered woven microfiber fabric for extremely low levels of particles and fibers.
• Each lot is tested and certified to extremely low levels of particles, fibers, and residues.
• Ultrasonic sealed edge will not fray or shed particles during heavy-duty cleaning. Click here to see demo

  • Sterile MiraWIPE Microfiber Cleanroom Wipes

MiraWIPE's star shaped microfiber fabric enables cleanroom techs to complete cleaning and disinfection SOP's effectively and efficiently.

Sterile MiraWIPE® Catalog