Sterile MiraWIPE® / Sterile Cleanroom Microfiber Wiper

MiraWIPE is constructed from high strength fabric and a durable sealed edge greatly reducing fiber generation
when cleaning critical process equipment.

MiraWIPE® Information

Gamma irradiated MiraWIPE® leverages the cleanliness and cleaning efficiency of the MiraWIPE® fabric for aseptic environments. Sterile MiraWIPE® is irradiated to the Sterility Assurance Level(SAL) of 10e-6. MiraWIPE® is a cleanroom microfiber wiper constructed from a continuous filament micro denier, polyester/nylon textile that enhances absorbency and foreign particle contamination removal versus traditional polyester wipers. Woven from an abrasion resistant fabric to minimize shedding of particulate matter from the face of the wiper. Sealed edge construction and proprietary washing process ensure compatibility with ISO Class 3-5 cleanrooms. Microfiber construction offers excellent cleaning efficiency allowing MiraWIPE® to remove disinfectant residues, viable and non-viable particles from Pharmaceutical cleanrooms. MiraWIPE®'s non-symmetrical micro fiber structure allows it to scrub sporicidal residues making it ideal for cleaning and disinfection SOP's.


Unsurpassed Cleaning Efficiency. Star shaped microfiber leads to enhanced removal of particles, metals, and organics from cleanrooms.
Delivers Cleaner Tools. Engineered fabric resists abrasion and snagging to prevent foreign particle contamination.
ISO Class 3-5 Compatible. Unique edge seal process maintains sealed edge integrity even during heavy duty wiping.
VOC Free Cleaning. Interstitial fabric design allows DI water to replace solvents such as IPA in equipment cleaning applications.
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• Ideal for cleaning wafer handling systems to eliminate linear scratch defect events.

  • Sterile MiraWIPE Microfiber Cleanroom Wipes

MiraWIPE's star shaped microfiber fabric enables cleanroom techs to complete cleaning and disinfection SOP's effectively and efficiently.

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