Cleanroom Mops / Cleanroom Cleaning

Foamtec manufactures cleanroom mop systems and mop refills that are validated for use with commonly used disinfectants such as chlorine, peracetic acid, quats, Vesphene® and LpH®. Foamtec's mop heads are designed to clean floors, walls, ceilings, equipment and other critical/regulated areas in ISO 3-9 cleanrooms.

All cleanroom mop heads are manufactured in an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 facility and are designed to resist crumbling and shedding during use. Foamtec controls the entire manufacturing process, ensuring quality products and consistent cleanliness to meet the stringent requirements of medical device, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Foamtec's automated lamination equipment enable the manufacturing of PharmaMOP and PharmaMOP GO mop heads that have foam completely encased within microfiber. PharmaMOP and PharmaMOP GO are lightweight cleanroom mop systems that offer robust cleaning performance, significant cleanliness and superior ergonomics with no risk of shedding contamination.

Foamtec's capabilities to laminate Sahara® Foam to microfiber fabric enables robust cleaning and rinsing of disinfectant residues eliminating rust, sticky floors, and non-viable particle excursions due to residue buildup. Foamtec's vertically integrated manufacturing strategy and our expertise in materials science allow us to provide mop heads that are validated for ISO 5 sterile suites.

• Clean room mops and refills that are designed to enhance Cleaning and Disinfection SOP’s
• Cleanroom mops that are designed to clean large surface areas
• Available with unique Sahara+ design that enable even application of disinfectants while removing stubbornly adhered soils and residues.
• Mop refills are designed to resist shedding even on textured floors for excellent control of particulates and fibers
• Ultra-light weight drip free mop heads are available for walls, ceilings and tanks

Vesphene® and LpH® are registered trademarks of STERIS Corporation.

PharmaMOP® | Mop System

PharmaMOP® - The ultra-lightweight, all surface cleanroom mop for ceilings, walls & floors.

PharmaMOP® GO | Mop System

PharmaMOP® GO- The hands-free, cleanroom mopping system.

PharmaSAT | Presaturated Mop

PharmaSAT™ The Ultra-Low VOC Presaturated Cleanroom Mop Head

UltraMOP® I

Cleanroom foam mop heads designed for the Perfex TruCLEAN™ Mopping System. Ideal for wet mopping procedures in sterile and controlled environments.

UltraMOP® II

High density foam mop heads designed for heavy duty applications on the Perfex TruCLEAN™ Mopping System.


Cleanroom foam mops designed for the Contec VertiKlean® mopping system. Designed to resist ripping and snagging on cleanroom surfaces.

UltraMOP® IV

Snag-Resistant cleanroom foam mops designed for the Micronova Slimline® mop handle.

UltraMOP® SW

Cleanroom sponge mop head refill designed to fit on Roll-O-Matic® brand handles to be used for wet mopping procedures in sterile and controlled environments.