Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products

Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products Enable Much Faster PM's and Reduced Particle Levels

UltraSOLV® Chamber Cleaning products enable Equipment Engineers in the semiconductor industry to quickly and thoroughly clean process by-product from a wide range of vacuum chambers. In 200mm and the most advanced 300mm wafer fabs, equipment wet cleans have been improved in the following manner:

• Scotch-Brite™ and related particle contamination have been eliminated from the fab
• Hazardous chemicals such as H2O2, IPA, and Acetone have significantly been reduced or eliminated
• MiraWIPE® and MiraSAT® improve Post PM particles and first-pass QUAL rates.
• MiraSAT® and MiraWIPE's tightly woven microfiber fabric eliminate the risk of fiber scratch defects when cleaning transfer robots, front end modules and end effectors
• MiraSAT® and MiraWIPE's excellent particle pickup and absorbency greatly reduce equipment pump down times especially for tools cleaned with Ultrapure Water

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UltraSOLV® Chamber Cleaning Products are production proven to improve PM's for the following process modules:

• Plasma Etch - Eliminate Scotch-Brite™, significantly reduce scrubbing time, innovative and safe cleaning of electrostatic chucks, improved PM QUAL rates due to reduced post PM Particles
• CVD - Diamond ScrubPADs allow equipment techs to remove process residue much more quickly with less contamination leading to shorter green-to-green times.
• Ion Implantation - Elimination of the safety hazards associated with H2O2 and Scotch-Brite™. Significantly reduced PM times due to more efficient scrubbing of process by-product and reduced pump down time.
• RTP - Eliminate the use of IPA, MiraWIPE® leaves the chamber dry with no IPA. Reduce PM times and improve particle performance.
• CMP - Eliminate Scotch-Brite™, Sahara foam can clean slurry of plastic parts without scratching. Improved PM times and improved particle performance.

Scotch-Brite™ is a trademark of 3M Corporation


An ergonomic handle used with ScrubDISKS® to remove process deposition from vacuum chambers.



An ergonomic tool to remove process residue in hard to access sections of vacuum chambers.


Microfiber Cleanroom Gloves to Handle Process Chamber Components in Wafer Fabs Running Sub 10nm Nodes.


MiraSWAB® | Microfiber Swabs

Microfiber cleaning performance brought to the world of swabs. Acetone compatible.


MiraSAT™ UPW | VOC Free Wipers, 144mL

The VOC Free presaturated cleanroom microfiber wiper for ISO Class 3 or higher cleanrooms.

MiraSAT™ 10/90 Wipers, 144mL

MiraSAT™ 10/90 is presaturated with 10% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 90% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 144mL.

MiraSAT™ 70/30 Wipers, 144mL

MiraSAT™ 70/30 is presaturated with 70% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 144mL.

MiraSAT™ 70/30 H Wipers, 190mL

MiraSAT™ 70/30 H is presaturated with 70% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW), 190mL.

MiraSAT™ 100% IPA Wipers, 144mL

MiraSAT™ 100% IPA is presaturated with 100% Semiconductor Grade IPA, 144mL.

MiraWIPE® | Microfiber Wipers

The premium cleanroom microfiber wiper for ISO Class 3-5 equipment cleaning applications.



A unique tool that enables automated removal of process residues.


Interchangable abrasive belts used with ScrubWRIGHT™ to clean VAT valves and Electrostatic chucks.


Patented scrubbing tools for use in PM procedures on process equipment.


Vacuum Chamber ScrubKITS® allow Equipment and Process Engineers to strictly control the items used to PM Vacuum Chambers.


ScrubPADS® Quickly & Safely Remove Process Residues from Vacuum Chambers in the Semiconductor, LCD and Solar Cell Industries.


ScrubTIPS® are designed to remove processed residues from small, hard to access sections of vacuum chambers.


An ergonomic reusable tool employed with ScrubBELTS®