Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products

Vacuum Chamber Cleaning Products Enable Much Faster PM's and Reduced Particle Levels

UltraSOLV® Chamber Cleaning products enable Equipment Engineers in the semiconductor industry to quickly and thoroughly clean process by-product from a wide range of vacuum chambers. In 200mm and the most advanced 300mm wafer fabs, equipment wet cleans have been improved in the following manner:

• Scotch-Brite™ and related particle contamination have been eliminated from the fab
• Hazardous chemicals such as H2O2, IPA, and Acetone have significantly been reduced or eliminated
• MiraWIPE® and MiraSAT® improve Post PM particles and first-pass QUAL rates.
• MiraSAT® and MiraWIPE's tightly woven microfiber fabric eliminate the risk of fiber scratch defects when cleaning transfer robots, front end modules and end effectors
• MiraSAT® and MiraWIPE's excellent particle pickup and absorbency greatly reduce equipment pump down times especially for tools cleaned with Ultrapure Water

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UltraSOLV® Chamber Cleaning Products are production proven to improve PM's for the following process modules:

• Plasma Etch - Eliminate Scotch-Brite™, significantly reduce scrubbing time, innovative and safe cleaning of electrostatic chucks, improved PM QUAL rates due to reduced post PM Particles
• CVD - Diamond ScrubPADs allow equipment techs to remove process residue much more quickly with less contamination leading to shorter green-to-green times.
• Ion Implantation - Elimination of the safety hazards associated with H2O2 and Scotch-Brite™. Significantly reduced PM times due to more efficient scrubbing of process by-product and reduced pump down time.
• RTP - Eliminate the use of IPA, MiraWIPE® leaves the chamber dry with no IPA. Reduce PM times and improve particle performance.
• CMP - Eliminate Scotch-Brite™, Sahara foam can clean slurry of plastic parts without scratching. Improved PM times and improved particle performance.

Scotch-Brite™ is a trademark of 3M Corporation


An ergonomic handle used with ScrubDISKS® to remove process deposition from vacuum chambers.



An ergonomic tool to remove process residue in hard to access sections of vacuum chambers.

MiraWIPE® | Microfiber Wipers

The premium cleanroom microfiber wiper for ISO Class 3-5 equipment cleaning applications.


MiraSAT™ UPW Wipers

MiraSAT™ UPW is pre-saturated with 100% Ultrapure Water(UPW).

MiraSAT™ 10/90 Wipers

MiraSAT™ 10/90 is pre-saturated with 10% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 90% Ultrapure Water(UPW).

MiraSAT™ 70/30 Wipers

MiraSAT™ 70/30 is pre-saturated with 70% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW).


A unique tool that enables automated removal of process residues.


Interchangable abrasive belts used with ScrubWRIGHT™ to clean VAT valves and Electrostatic chucks.


Patented scrubbing tools for use in PM procedures on process equipment.


Vacuum Chamber ScrubKITS® allow Equipment and Process Engineers to strictly control the items used to PM Vacuum Chambers.


ScrubPADS® Quickly & Safely Remove Process Residues from Vacuum Chambers in the Semiconductor, LCD and Solar Cell Industries.


ScrubTIPS® are designed to remove processed residues from small, hard to access sections of vacuum chambers.


An ergonomic reusable tool employed with ScrubBELTS®