ErgoSCRUB® / Ergonomically Safe Removal of Process By-Product from Semiconductor Tools

    Reduce Ergonomic Issues for Hi-Vacuum Wet Cleans

  • The ultimate mop

ErgoSCRUB® Information

ErgoSCRUB® is designed to provide technicians with a soft, ergonomically-correct, scrubbing handle used in conjunction with ScrubDISKs to remove process by-product from vacuum chambers. ErgoSCRUB Handles and ScrubDISKs are production proven to reduce ergonomic issues faced by technicians performing wet cleans on CVD, PECVD, PVD, Sputtering, Plasma Etch, RIE and Ion Implant Processes in Semiconductor wafer fabs.

Key Features

• Easy to Grip
• Flexible enough to clean spherical chamber surfaces, such as domes. (FT900/FT901)
• Allows for uniform, scrubbing action in order to minimize tool wear, such as dishing to heater blocks. (FT950/FT951)
• Enables faster cleaning of large, vacuum chamber tool surfaces.
• Available as a reusable or disposable tool with a variety of Diamond or Silicone Carbide ScrubDISKS®.