ScrubDISK® / Reduce Cleaning Times on Vacuum Chambers with Heavy Build-Up of Process Residue

  • The ultimate mop

ScrubDISK® Information

Vacuum Chamber ScrubDISKS® are patented scrubbing tools for use in PM procedures on process equipment in Wafer Fab, flat panel display, optical component and hard disk drive industries. ScrubDISKs® are widely used in 200mm and 300mm fabs to PM or wet clean CVD, PECVD, dry etch, PVD and ion implant tools. ScrubDISKs® are processed to be extremely low in metals and mobile ions and are available in a wide variety of diamond & silicon carbide abrasives to enable safe and efficient wet clean BKMs. ScrubDISKs®, used in conjunction with UltraSOLV® Sponges, Wipers, and Swabs, reduces cleaning times, pump down times and contamination levels for critical process tools. ScrubDISKS® are designed to be used with ErgoSCRUB® Handles.

Key Features

• Wide grit selection allows for quick removal of process-induced residue from aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, quartz and anodized surfaces while minimizing tool wear.
• The fiber-free construction of ScrubDISKS® greatly reduces particle levels in cleaned Vacuum Chambers.
• By using washed abrasives, harmful ionic residues are minimized.
• Unique bonding technology minimizes the release of abrasive particles leading to cleaner Vacuum Chamber PM procedures.
• Enables the elimination of H2O2 from PMs, leading to greatly reduced recovery times.

3.5" ScrubDISKS® w/ Velcro Loop

3.5" ScrubDISKS® w/ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

5" ScrubDISKS® w/ Velcro