Cleanroom Sponges

Foamtec is committed to supplying the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom sponges. To fulfill that commitment, we develop technology and innovation to manufacture the highest quality, most state-of-the-art, industry-leading products that keep your cleanroom clean.


Polyester and micro-fiber based, clean room-grade cloths and reticulated, clean room-grade foams.

Sahara® Buffing Pad

Sahara Buffing Pads are a specially cross-linked ester, polyurethane foam designed to be compatible with random orbital tools.

Sahara® Sponges

Sahara Sponge is a specially cross-linked ester, polyurethane foam.

ScrubCLEAN® Sponges

ScrubCLEAN® abrasive sponges are constructed from plastic particles that are adhered to the sponge with a polyurethane polymer, making them ideal for applications where it is critical to reduce particles and fibers generated by the abrasive surfaces.

UltraSOLV® Sponges

Highly absorbent, constructed from a naturally reticulated, hydrophilic, polyurethane foam.