Stainless Steel Rust Prevention

Rust & Rouge are everyday occurences in GMP Facilities

Current cleaning and disinfection SOPs call for the routine application of chloride containing disinfectants on cleanroom surfaces. The build up of disinfectant residues is the major cause of rust and rouge on stainless surfaces and equipment in GMP cleanrooms. Traditional methods call for the use of abrasives & acid passivation chemicals to remediate rust and rouge during shutdowns. Because these methods are not compatible with GMP manufacturing they can only be employed during shutdowns. In many instances, expensive stainless steel equipment must be replaced due to severe rusting.

Worst of all, remediation of rust and rouge during shutdowns is not proactive and does not address the root cause issue that is related to the inability to remove disinfectant residues during daily or weekly cleaning SOPs.

Sahara® Remediation Key Benefits

• Elimination of Scotch-Brite™ and acid passivation chemicals.
• Compatible with cleanroom manufacturing SOPs.
• Enables rust removal from large surfaces quickly.
• Environmentally friendly as only Water and IPA are required.

Sahara+ System Key Benefits

• Proactively prevents rust and rouge from recurring.
• Cleans disinfectant residues with 70% alcohol as part of standard SOPs.
• Compatible with ISO 5 aseptic environments.

Scotch-Brite™ is a trademark of 3M Corporation

Sahara® Remediation

Rust Busting for GMP cleanrooms.


Sahara+ System

Upgrade cleaning and disinfection SOPs to proactively control rust and rouge.

Sahara® Buffing Pad

Sahara Buffing Pads are a specially cross-linked ester, polyurethane foam designed to be compatible with random orbital tools.