Sahara + Daily Deep Cleaning for GMP Cleanrooms / Eliminate Unsightly Disinfectant based Residue and Prevent Rust and Rouge

  • The Residue, Rust & Rouge Prevention System

Sahara+ System

Upgrade GMP Cleaning and Disinfection SOPs to Proactively Control Rust and Rouge

Current cleaning & disinfection SOP’s that follow GMP guidelines leave disinfectant residues on cleanroom surfaces which degrade facility appearance, lead to tacky floors and rust 304 and 316 stainless steel equipment.

The Sahara+ line of mops, sponges, wipers and buffing pads enable cleaning and janitorial staff to easily and quickly strip off built up layers of disinfectant residue during daily/weekly cleaning and disinfection procedures. Sahara+ products combine Sahara® foam which has abrasive scrubbing properties with MiraWIPE® microfiber fabric that entraps and removes the dislodged contamination. All Sahara+ products provide scratch-free cleaning for glass, plastic and stainless steel surfaces.


• All Sahara+ products are manufactured and processed in ISO 5 & ISO 7 cleanrooms.
• Improves compliance with current cleaning and disinfection SOPs as disinfectant stains and residuals can easily be cleaned with only water or 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.
• The Sahara+ System consists of mops, wipers, sponges and buffing pads so stainless steel equipment, clean room doors, cleanroom windows, as well as floors, walls and ceilings can be cleaned to like new conditions every day.
• The Sahara+ System enables cleaning contractors and janitorial staff to proactively clean GMP facilities to maintain audit-ready conditions every day.
• Quickly removes sticky and tacky residues from floors, walls, and doors that lead to elevated non-viable particle levels.
• Sahara+ wetted with wifi or 70% alcohol removes residues from 304 and 316 stainless surfaces, improving equipment cleaning validation protocols.

Sahara+ System Products